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A plus sign.

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Q: What is a shape with two lines that are perpendicular?
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What shape has two perpendicular lines and three right angles?

its impossible; the two perpendicular lines already make four right angles.

What are perpendicular lines on a 2d shape?

Lines that form a 90 degree angle at their vertex. Two lines that make a 90 degree are perpendicular.

Which shape has parallel lines but no perpendicular lines?

A rhombus has parallel lines but no perpendicular lines.

Which kind of shape has perpendicular lines?

Any polygonal shape, other than a triangle can have perpendicular lines.

What are perpendiculer lines?

Perpendicular lines are lines that eventually intersect, and intersecting means when the run into eachother. For example, the "L" shape are two perpendicular lines because the lines run into eachother.

What is a shape with perpendicular lines?

Shape of a T

A shape with two pairs of perpindicular lines two right angles and five sides?

Its Impossible. For there to be a shape where all five lines meet perfectly and there to be two pairs of perpendicular sides, there must three right angles. Alternitavely, you could have 1 pair of perpendicular lines and two rights angles, but certainly not both.

What shape has no angles and no perpendicular lines?

A circle

What shape has intersecting lines that are perpendicular?

a rhombus

A shape that has 4 lines of symmerty?

A square is on example. The perpendicular bisectors of the sides and the two diagonals comprie four lines of symmetry.

Draw two intersecting lines but not perpendicular?

draw two intersecting lines that are not perpendicular

What shape has parallel lines and perpendicular lines?

A square and a rectangle have perpendicular and parallel lines. The two side lines extending upwards from the base line are perpendicular to the base line. The line extending from each of the side lines across the top is perpendicular to the side lines. The top line is also parallel to the base line, and the side lines are also parallel to each other.