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Answer"Ranger" as a name brand for a side by side 12 ga shotgun is not recognizable. Can you provide the actual manufacturer?

Ranger is a name used by Savage at one time.

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Q: What is a side by side ranger 12 Ga shotgun worth?
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Who manufactured a 12 gauge Ranger double barrel shotgun serial c1186?

If it is side-by-side, probably Stevens.

What is a model 120 12 gauge shotgun Ranger worth?

between 90-200 dollars depending on condition.

Who manufactured a 12 gauge Ranger Model 30 shotgun serial U83694?

i have a ranger 12 gauge pump model 30 like to know what year it was made and it might be worth

Ranger 5000 side by side 12 gauge what is it worth?

The value of the Ranger 5000 side by side 12 gauge is determined by its condition. This model gun in excellent condition sells for around 150.00 as of 2014.

What is a Stevens 12 gauge Ranger double barrel shotgun pattened April 20 1915 worth?

50-100 USD

Where can you find information about a Ranger 5000 side by side 12 gauge shotgun?

Ranger was a trade name sold by Montgomery Wards. The Model 5000 was made by J. Stevens Arms from 1931-1941.

What is a western field 12 gauge side by side shotgun serial number 30415 worth and what year is it.?

The Western Field 12 gauge side by side shotgun, serial number 30415 is valued at $225 in excellent condition. In fair condition it is valued at $125.

What is a W.R.Pape 12 bore Damascus double barreled side-by-side shotgun serial number 10492 in good condition worth and how old is it?

== == == ==

Who made 'Trustworthy' shotgun and what it is worth?

What is the value and age of a Iver Johnson Canada Ltd Cobourg 12 gua Hercules side by side.

What is the value of a sears ranger shotgun 12 gauge?

50- 175 usd

What is your Savage Fox 12 gauge side-by-side shotgun worth?

depends on the exact model and condition. A Fox Sterlingworth in good condition is about $500.

How much is a union firearms side by side 12 gauge shotgun worth?

In business from 1903-1913. Value seldom exceeds 100 USD

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