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Q: What is a solid shape that has flat and curved surfaces?
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What shape has both flat and curved surfaces?


What shape has one curved surface and two flat surfaces?

A Cylinder

What shape has 2 flat surfaces and 1 curved surface?


How many flat surfaces and curved surfaces does a cylinder have?

2 flat and 1 curved

What shape has only flat surfaces?

cube There are a great many solid shapes that have only flat surfaces.

How many flat and curved surfaces does a cuboid have?

Flat surfaces: 6Curved surfaces: 0.

What are some different types of surfaces?

Any solid object has a surface, and there are almost as many types of surfaces as there are classifications of objects. Surfaces can be smooth, granular, abrasive, glossy, flat, curved, and in any shape or texture imaginable.

How many Flat surfaces and curved does a piece of paper have?

2 flat surfaces unless it is rolled up in which case it has 2 curved surfaces.

How many curved surfaces and flat surfaces does a pyramid have?


When curved surfaces are represented on flat surfaces distances are?


Does a cylinder have a curved and flat surface?

Yes, a cylinder has both curved and flat surface. Considering a solid cylinder standing on its end, the circular base and the circular top are flat surfaces. The surface connecting the top and bottom is curved.

How many flat surfaces and curved surfaces does a cone have?

One of each

How many shape of faces does a cylinder have?

It has three shapes. Two surfaces are flat circles and one is a curved rectangle.

How many flat surfaces does a cone have?

An empty cone (like an ice-cream cone) doesn't have any flat surfaces. It has two curved surfaces, one outside and one inside. A solid cone has a flat base, and one other curved surface.

How many flat and curved surface have a prism?

A prism has no curved surfaces. It has 5 or more flat faces.

How many flat surface and curved surface cuboid has?

A cuboid has 6 flat faces but no curved surfaces. ..________ ./............../| /_______/.| |..............|.| |..............|./ |_______|/

How many curved surfaces does a triangular prism?

A triangular prism contains zero curved and 5 flat surfaces.

Is a cone shape a flat or curved surface?


Can a polyhedron have either flat or curved surfaces?


What solids have both flat and curved surfaces?


How many curved surfaces does a cuboid have?

None. A cuboid has six flat surfaces.

Flat surface on a solid figure?

the flat surfaces of a solid figure are the

Which which solid figure that has 4 flat surfaces that are triangles Solid figures that has 4 flat surfaces that are triangles?

a tetrahedron.

Which figures have flat and curved surfaces?

A cone and a cylinder are two of them

What shape has the most flat surfaces?

There can be no such shape. If there were a shape with n flat surfaces, then if you sliced off one vertex, you would have a shape with n+1 flat surfaces. So it is always possible to add one more flat surface.