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A n-gonal pyramid will have n triangles and one polygon with n sides (n>=3). The simplest of these is the tetrahedron (a triangular pyramid).

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Q: What is a solid shape with at least three sides shaped like a triangle?
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What shape has 8 sides that are shaped as a triangle?


Which of the geometrical shape has the least number of sides?

A triangle perhaps which has only 3 sides

A triangle with no sides of equal length?

a traingle can not have no sides, then it wouldnlt be a triangle, as far as i know, all 2d dimensional shapes have at least 3 SIDES, a shape with no sides isn't a shape, its nothing ness A scalene triangle- All sides are different

What shape has the least corners?

you seroiusly dont know? its a triangle (3 sides)

What is an isoceles triangle?

An isosceles triangle is a shape that has at least 2 sides that are the same length. This forces the angles to be acute.

What shape is not a triangle?

what shape is not a triangle but has 3 sides

Which shape has no parallel sides but at least 1 pair of adjacent perpendicular sides?

It could be a right angle triangle

What shape has 3 sides but is not a triangle?

There is no shape that is made up 3 sides that is not a triangle. Any shape that is made up of 3 sides is classified as a triangle no matter what shape or size it is.

What shape has a closed plane figure with at least three sides?

A three sided closed plane figure (shape) is a triangle.

You are a polygon you have the least amount of sides a polygon can have All of your angles are different What shape are you?

A scalene triangle

What shapes have at least one pair of perpendicular sides?

Any shape, other than a triangle can have a pair of perpendicular sides.

Which shape has 3 more sides than a triangle?

A triangle has three sides, so a hexagon (a shape with six sides) would have three more sides than a triangle.