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Q: What is a term for something that happens every eighteen months?
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Is there a word for something that happens every 3 months?

Quarter. At every Quarter of the financial year (every 3 months).

What states that technology becomes outdated every eighteen months?

Moores law states that the number of discrete logical components on an area of silicone will double every eighteen months (his grammer is better). this means that every eighteen months the speed/capasity of a device should roughly double, giveing engineers twice as much process to play with and invent new stuff based on.

What does Bi-monthly mean?

Bi-monthly means every two months. (Semi-monthly means twice a month). There may be cases where these terms are misused, so be careful.

What is the word for an event that happens every two months?

According to the online Oxford Dictionaries, "bimonthly" can refer to something occurring every two months or twice in one month. It might be best to just say "every two months" to avoid confusion.

What do you call something that happens every week eg something that happens every year is annual?


Something that happens once a year happens annually. Something that happens every day happens daily. What is something that happens every 12 hours called?

twice-a-day or it can be called semi-diurnal which relates to such occurrences as tides.

What happens every 6 months?

1/2 a year

What happens every 100 years?

Something that happens once a century.

Whats something that happens every day?

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What is the word for something that occurs every three months?


What would call something that happens every three years?

A triennial event happens every three years.

What is Quinquennial?

Something that happens every 5 years