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6+12=18, 18/3=6


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Q: What is a third of the product of six and twelve?
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What is a third product of six and twelve?


What is the product of 6 and 2?

The product of six & two is 'twelve'.

What is the product of a number plus six and three that is equal to twelve?


What equals three ninths?

one third, six eighteenths, twelve thirtysixths...

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24 houses

How do you write six hundred twelve in words?

Six hundred twelve.

What is one third of twelve and why?

One third of twelve is four because twelve divided by three equals four.

Six and twelve thousandths in numbers?

Six and twelve thousandths in numbers = 6.012

What is twelve past six?

Twelve past six is 6:12 am/pm

How do you write 6.12 in word form?

Six and twelve hundredths

What is one third of twelve thousand?

One third of twelve thousand is four thousand.

What is the product of two and the difference of six and three raised to the third power?

2*(6 - 3^3) = -42

What six plus six?


What is six plus six?


What is twelve minus six?


What is six hundred and twelve thousands in decimal from?

Six hundred and twelve thousandths is written 600.012

How do you write 12.65 in word form?

12.65 in words is twelve and sixty-five hundredths or twelve point six five

Is three out of twelve the same as six out of six?


What is one half twelve?

One half of twelve is six.

What is the greatest common factor of twelve and thirty six?


How do you write six billion two hundred million twelve thousand six?

This is how you write six billion two hundred million twelve thousand six: 6,200,012,006

Is twelve thirteenths bigger or one third?

Twelve thirteenths is larger

How do you write six million fourteen thousand twelve?

Six million fourteen-thousand twelve is 6,014,012

How do you write 12.36 in word form?

twelve and thirty-six hundredths twelve point three six