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Q: What is a thousandth anniversary?
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What is thousandth anniversary called?

I think that the answer may be millenary!

One thousandth?

What is one thousandth

What is one thousandth of a kilogram?

A kilogramm is a thousandth of a ton.

What is the prefix of one thousandth?

The prefix meaning "one thousandth" is milli-. For example, a thousandth of a metre is a millimetre. A thousandth of a gram is called a milligram.

A kilogram is one on thousandth of what?

A kilogram is one thousandth of a metric ton.

What is 492.3069 to thousandth?

It is 482.307 rounded to the nearest thousandth

What is the nearest thousandth of 4968.3712?

To the nearest thousandth: 4968.371

What does the abbreviation Milli represent?

Milli- is not an abbreviation; it is a prefix which means one thousandth. For example, a millimeter is a thousandth of a meter, a milliamp is a thousandth of an amp, and a milligram is a thousandth of a gram.

What are smaller than micrometers?

A thousandth of a micrometre is a nanometre. A thousandth of that is a picometre. A thousandth of that is a femtometre. A thousandth of that is a attometre. A thousandth of that is a zeptometre. A thousandth of that is a yoctometre. There is also 1/10 nanometre, which is known as the Angstrom unit. An alternative answer to the question is, half a micrometre, a thrid of a micrometre, a quarter of a micrometre etc.

What is a thousandth of 3000?

One-thousandth of anything is that number divided by 1,000 So, one thousandth of 3,000 is 3.

What is the thousandth digit of 23090562?

The thousandth digit of 23090562.000 is 0.

What is 41275 to the nearest thousandth?

41275 to the nearest thousandth is 41275.000