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A triangular prism.

A triangular prism.

A triangular prism.

A triangular prism.

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A triangular prism.

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Q: What is a three d shape that has 5 faces 6 vertices and 9 edges?
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How many faces edges and vertices are on a cylinder?

Three faces, two edges and 0 vertices.

How many vertices edges and faces on a cylinder?

Three faces, two edges and 0 vertices.

How many faces vertices and edges does a cylinder have?

A cylinder has three faces, two round edges, and no vertices

What are edges vertices faces?

Three dimensional objects have edges, vertices and faces. A face is a plane surface which forms a boundary of the shape. Two faces meet along a line which is an edge. Three or more faces meet at a point which is a vertex.

If a three dimensional shape has twelve faces twenty edges and thirty vertices then what is the name of that shape?

then it's a - Dodecahedron

What three-dimensional shape has 5 faces 8 edges and 5 vertices?

A rectangular pyramid

How may faces vertices edges a triangle have?

A triangle has one face, three vertices and three edges.

Shape with four faces?

A three-dimensional figure or shape, such as a tetrahedron, has four faces. These faces are equilateral triangles. A tetrahedron also has four vertices and 6 edges.

You are a three dimensional shape your faces are either triangles or rectangles you have 6 vertices you have 9 edges what shape are you?

A triangular prism.

Is it possible to have a shape with 5 vertices 14 edges and 11 faces?

Not a polyhedral shape. You need at least three vertices to define a plane shape. With 5 vertices, the maximum number of triplets you can get is 10 so there cannot be 11 faces.

What is the name of a figure that is a solid shape that has three faces that are rectangular and two faces that are triangles with nine edges and six vertices?

triangular prism

What is the tetrahedron parts names?

The three parts are faces, vertices and edges. The faces are the flat surfaces, the edges are the lines that joint the corners which are called vertices.

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