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A c with a circle around it is the 'copyright' symbol.

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Q: What is a trademark with a c and a circle around it?
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Is Walt Disney World a trademark or copyright?

Trademark because it has the "r" with the circle after the title, which means it is federally registered as a trademark. If it was copyrigh, it would have the "c" with the circle.

What does the r with a circle around it mean?

Symbol for "registered trademark"

What does the R with a circle around it mean that is on clothes?

that symbol means trademark

What is an abbreviation for copyright?

A c with a circle around it.

Does the R in circle go before or after name for trademark?

The 'R' symbol goes after the trademark or logo.

What does the little TM in a circle mean?

The little TM symbol in a circle represents a trademark. It indicates that the word, phrase, logo, or symbol that it is associated with has been registered as a trademark to protect it from unauthorized use. It signifies ownership and asserts the rights of the trademark owner.

In jewelry what does a C with a circle around it stand for?


How many feet are around a 12' circle?

The distance around a circle is the Circumference (C). C= pi*d If 12' is the diameter (d), then C= 12*pi= 12*3.14= 37.68 ft (approximately).

What is C equals R times 2 times Pi?

The circumference of a circle. This is the total amount of length around the circle. C= Circumference R= radius of the circle Pi=3.14159

In math what does c short for?

A c in math stands for Circumference. Circumference is the distance around a circle.

What does the R stand for in the circle for bussinesses?

the ® means Registered Trademark

What shoe has a tree in a circle trademark?

Timberland Just found it as well