What is a tri -square used for?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: What is a tri -square used for?
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What are the uses of a Tri square?

A tri square is a carpenter's tool that is used to check and mark right angles during construction work.

How do you use a tri square?

it is used for cutting corners

Method of using a tri square?

A tri square is aÊtool for measuring Êa piece of wood. It has measuring and markings that are used to measure wood. Pre-marked increments on the tool means making precision measurements.

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What is the use of a try square?

be sure you are using a tri square and a set or combination square. It has a thick rectangular stock and a slim blade. The blade is fixed at 90 degrees to the stock, and the three surfaces of the stock are mutually at right angles - hence "tri" (it is "square" in all three dimensions.) It is used for marking right angles on a work-piece or checking the "squareness" of something, i.e. that an angle is a right angle. A try square looks like this and it is used to measure up wood to get it at the right angle.

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