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A small triangle, I guess.

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Q: What is a triangle that is two centimeters long?
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What kind of triangle has 3 centimeters 3 centimeters and 2 centimeters?

An isosceles triangle, which has two sides of the same length.

Can 11 centimeters 15 centimeters and 17 centimeters form a triangle?

11 centimeters 15 centimeters and 17 centimeters can form a triangle . It is because some of any two sides of triangle is greater than the third side . a + b >c always.

What is the hypotenuse of a 30-60-90 triangle whose long leg is 13 centimeters?

The hypotenuse of a 30-60-90 triangle whose long leg is 13 centimeters is: 15.01 centimeters.

Find the area of a right triangle 6 centimeters and 7 centimeters long?

42 centimeters squared.

What is the perimeter of an equilateral triangle if one side is 13 centimeters long?

39 centimeters.

What is the Formula of a hypotenuse of right triangle?

The hypotenuse of an isosceles right triangle is 13 centimeters long. How long are its sides?

How long are two meters if in centimeters?

Two meters = 200 centimeters

Equilateral triagle is 3 cm long what is its primeter?

If an equilateral triangle is 3 centimeters long then the perimeter of the triangle is 9 centimeters. The perimeter is found by adding up the lengths of all the sides of an object.

What is a triangle with 5 centimeters 6 centimeters and 6centimeters sides?

Isosceles triangle

What is the area of a triangle with sides 30 centimeters 40 centimeters and 50 centimeters long?

It is a right angle triangle because it complies with Pythagoras' theorem. Area = 1/2*30*40 = 600 square cm

Two meters long is its length in centimeters?

200 centimeters.

What triangle has two sides that are each 4 centimeters?

Any isosceles triangle will have 2 sides that are the same length so this would be an isosceles triangle.

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