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Q: What is a triangler sequence?
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What was triangler trade?

what was triangler trade

What are triangler prisms and rectangler prisms?

Triangler Prisms are like chocolate bars

How many vertices faces and edges does a triangler prism?

A triangler prism have 5 faces,9 edges and 6 vertices....

What is another name for a triangler cone?


How many edges does a triangler pyramid have?


How many corners does a triangler prism have?


How many faces on a triangler prism?


How many edges does a triangler prism have?

17 edges

How many faces does a pyramid with a triangler base have?


What are the first 6 triangler numbers?


What is the triangler shaped bone in your upper back?


Which of theese numbers is both rectangular and triangler 1 5 2?

Apart fro the fact that no number is triangler, none of the numbers listed are rectangular and triangular.

How many faces dose a triangler prisim?

5 faces

What shape has 5 flat surfaces 2 of them are triangler and 3 of them are rectangle?

There is no such shape since there are no triangler surfaces - there is no such word! You might like to spell check your question before posting it! The correct word is triangular. And, incidentally, the answer to the question is a triangular prism - NOT a TRIANGLER prism!

What shape has 0 vertexes 0 edges and 1 face?

triangler prism

It has one base and triangler faces?

This is most likely a triangular pyramid or a triangular prism

How many faces does a triangler solid have?

A triangular solid has 4 faces. Hope I helped!!

How tilted blocks formed?

If your talking about a building then they usually use curved triangler shapes.

How many vertices does a triangler based pyramis have?

4, 3 at the base and 1 at the top

How do you pass level 9 on primate pile up?

make a pyramid with the triangler monkeys until you get to the top

How many vertices does a triangler prisim have?

A triangular prism has 6 vertices, 9 edges and 5 faces.

How many faces edges and vertices hve a triangler prisem have?

5 faces, 9 edges, 6 vertices

How many faces does a triangler face have?

If you mean a triangular prism then it has 5 faces, 9 edges and 6 vertices

How many vertices does a triangler pyramid have?

A triangular pyrimid, also called a tetrahedron, has 4 vertices, 6 edges, and 4 faces.

What are the sequence to be followed to sequence service?

sequence of service