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1/12 (36) = 36/12 = 3

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Q: What is a twelfth of 36?
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Related questions

One twelfth of one third is what fraction?

0ne twelfth of one third in fraction = 1/36

What is 5 twelfths of 36?

Since each twelfth of 36 is 3, 5/12 of 36 is 5 * 3, which equals 15.

How many birds are in the song the twelfth day of Christmas?


What is seven twelfths of 36?

21. One twelfth of 36 is 3. Multiply that by 7, and you get 21.

What is a third of a twelfth?

It is: 1/3 of a 1/12 equals 1/36

How old was William shakespeare when he wrote Twelfth Night?

It is believed Twelfth Night was written around 1600 or 1601; making Shakespeare around 36 or 37 when he wrote it.

What is one twelfth of one third?

1/2 * 1/3 = 1/36

What one ninth plus one twelfth?

1/12 + 1/9 is 7/36

What is one twelfth plus one ninth?

1/12 + 1/9 is 7/36

What is 1 twelfth plus 7 ninths?

1/12 + 7/9 = 31/36

What is one third plus one ninth plus one twelfth?

1/3 +1/9 + 1/12= LCM 0f 3,9and12=36 Therefore 12/36+4/36+3/36 = 19/36

Is it twelfth or twelfth?


What is three twelves minus four twelves?

Three twelves is 36. Four twelves is 48. 36 - 48 = -12. Three twelfths - fourth twelfths equals minus one twelfth.

How many laps around a one twelfth track equal one mile?

well. good question. a mile is four times around a professional track. so i would conclude that 36 times around that track would be equal to a mile. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I think a one-twelfth track means one lap is a twelfth of a mile hence 12 laps would be a mile.

Is it twelth or twelfth?

it is twelfth

Appearance and Reality in Twelfth Night?

Twelfth Night in Appearance and Reality? Twelfth Night in Appearance and Reality?

What is number twelfth spelling?

Twelfth = 12th

What is one twelfth of 48?

One twelfth of 48 is 4. To find out the answer you multiply 48 by one twelfth which gives you the answer.

What are some books with the word twelfth in the title?

There are several books that include the word "twelfth" in the title. Some examples include "Twelfth Night" written by William Shakespeare, "Twelfth Planet" written by Zecharia Sitchin, and "The Twelfth Enchantment" written by David Liss.

What rhymes with twelfth?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word twelfth.

How much is one twelfth of a teaspoon?

One twelfth of a teaspoon is a pinch.

How to spell twelfth?

The correct spelling is twelfth.Some example sentences with the word are:I will see you on the twelfth of November.This is the twelfth time you have been told to behave.He has published his twelfth book.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Twelfth Juror - 1912?

The cast of The Twelfth Juror - 1912 includes: William Russell as The Twelfth Juror

Which is correct twelveth or twelfth?

The word 'twelfth' is the correct spelling

What is the twelfth octagonal number?

The twelfth octagonal number is 408.

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