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Q: What is a two digit prime number with each digit a prime number and the sum a prime number?
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What is the sum ratio of the number of one digit prime numbers and the number of one digit composite numbers?

There are four of each.

What is the greatest 2 digit prime number that each of the 2 digits are prime and the 2 digits sum is prime as well?

The number is 23.

What do you call the value of each digit in a number based on the location of the digit?


What is the sum of 3 largest 2 digit prime number?

The 3 largest 2 digit prime numbers are 83, 89, and 97. The sum is 269

What is a 2-digit number and a prime number and the sum of its digits is 13?


The sum of my ones and tens digit is 10. My tens digit is greater than my ones digit. i am a prime number what number am i?


What is the largest three digit number with the property that the sum of its digits is a prime number?


A prime number whose digit sum is 8?

17, 53, 71

Two prime numbers between 100 and 199 such that the tens digit is a prime number and the tens and ones digit taken together are a 2 digit prime number find the sum of these two prime numbers?

For the tens digit to be a prime number then it must equal 2, 3, 5 or 7. There are four 3-digit prime numbers that fit the above condition and also have the tens and units digits forming a 2-digit prime number. 131, 137, 173, 179. The person supplying the question may like to sum the various combinations.

What is the prime number of 100 sum of the digits is 4 and the tens digit is two more then the ones digit?


What two-digit prime number has the sum of its digits that is not 7 but is a multiple of 7?

No two digit prime number exists that is a multiple of 7. All two digit numbers that are multiples of 7 are compositenumbers.

What is the sum of all 2-digit multiples of 7 whose digits sum to a prime number?