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That refers to units of area, such as square meters, square centimeters, etc.

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Q: What is a two dimensional measurement?
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Is a line two dimensional?

No, it is one dimensional. In only has one measurement, length.

How do you convert length to volume?

Length and volume are not equivalent measurements. Length is a two dimensional measurement while volume is a three dimensional measurement.

What is the diff between area and volume?

Area is a two-dimensional measurement. It tells you how big a two dimensional object is or how large the surface of a three-dimensional object is.Volume is a three dimensional measurement. It tells you how big the inside of a three-dimensional object is or how much a three-dimensional object can hold inside.

What is 50sq foot in feet and iches?

50 Square Feet is an area (two dimensional) measurement and cannot be converted to a linear (one dimensional) measurement.

How many meters in 1square meter?

This is like comparing apples and oranges. A meter is a one dimensional measurement, and a meter squared is a two dimensional measurement.

What is the difference between the measurement of the surface area and the measurement of the volume of a right trapezoidal prism?

The first is a two dimensional concept, the second is 3-dimensional.

What is the volume of a circle if its 12 feet across?

Volume is a three-dimensional measurement - a circle is two-dimensional - therefore there is no answer to this question !

How are length area and volume related in terms of the 3 dimensions in space?

Length is the measurement of a one-dimensional quantity. Area is the measurement of a two-dimensional quantity. Volume is the measurement of a three-dimensional quantity. A solid object that exists only temporarily can be described with four dimensions.

What is length and distance?

It is a measurement between two points in 1 dimensional space.

Why is perimeter measured in linear units?

Perimeter is measured in Linear Units because it is Measurement of The Outline or Path of a given shape or area; a Perimeter is NOT the Measurement of What is Inside that Outline/Path. It is a One-Dimensional measurement, which MEANS it is a Linear Unit Measurement, such as Feet or Meters.Alternatively, a Two-Dimensional Measurement, is the Square of a Linear Unit -- like AREA is a Two-Dimensional Measurement and therefore Measured in Linear Units Squared (i.e. meters2/Square Meters or feet2/Square Feet). Area is the Measurement of What is Contained within a given Perimeter.

What is the measurement of the surface of a two-dimensional figure?

It depends on the shape of the 2-d figure.

How are area and volume alike?

Area is the measurement of the two-dimensional size of an object, and volume is the measurement of the size of an object in three dimensions.