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Q: What is a yellow oblong pill with p650 on one side and750 on the other?
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How do you reset the belt light on a Kawasaki 360 Prarie?

Prairie 650 - belt light reset procedure This document applies to 2003 P650. The 360 belt reset is similar to this. The 2002 650 does not have a belt light, and never needs this procedure. However all these machines can have their belt trip switch flipped by a bad belt. A flashing belt light will affect the engine and make it run poorly. The engine will not work properly until the switch and/or light is reset. Disconnecting the battery does not fix it either. The belt warning light may be lit due to a loose belt that has tripped the switch. However, the belt light is programmed to come on automatically for new machines at about 100 hours to force customers back to the dealership to inspect the belt. The flashing belt warning light may not go away after flipping the belt failure switch back to "On" (a bad belt flips it to the "off position"). The following procedure resets the belt light. Note: there have been rumors that the ON/OFF label on the belt trip switch has been mislabeled on a couple of machines. You may want to double check your switch is flipped toward the rear of the ATV (bad belt flips switch forward). The switch is inside the CVT cover. Do not turn the ignition on with the cover removed, bad stuff happens. A poorly connected battery can cause the light to continue to come on even if the switch doesn't flip. A bad ignition switch might also be a cuplrit. Always inspect the drive belt before resetting the belt warning light. 2003 650 Belt light reset procedure. 1. Turn the ignition switch OFF. 2. Disconnect the belt failure switch at the 2-pin connector above the CVT cover. (Note: Just follow the wires coming from the rectangular black box on the CVT Cover to locate this connector.) 3. Disconnect both sets of 5 pin connectors located above the CVT cover. Note: These connectors are located just beneath the shift handle on the right side of the 650; one is black and one is grey. 4. Connect these 5 pin connectors to their opposite pairs (grey to black and black to grey). 5. Turn the ignition switch ON. 6. Observe the belt-warning lamp. It should be flashing at a 0.4 second interval for a few seconds then start to flash slower. Let the lamp flash for at least seven seconds. 7. After seven seconds or more, turn the ignition switch off. 8. Reconnect 5 pin connectors to their proper location (black to black, grey to grey). 9. Connect the belt failure switch 2-pin connector (wires from CVT cover). 10. Turn the ignition switch on to confirm that the belt warning light is not flashing. Retry this procedure if needed. As far as I have heard it always works if the belt switch isn't tripped and there are no electrical problems. The Vforce procedure is basically the same except the connectors are under the seat and there is no belt trip switch.

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