What is ab times b?

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(a x b)^b

=ab x b^2


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Q: What is ab times b?
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Related questions

A plus B equals AB?

No. A times B = AB

What is a times b?


How do you factor a times b minus e times b?

ab - eb = b(a - e)

A times b get 72?

Ab = 72.

What is the product of -a and -b?

Negative times negative equals positve, so -a*-b=ab (positive ab)

What does ab mean in algebraic expressions?

a times b

What is the sqrt of a times the sqrt of b?

sqrt of ab.

What blood types can give blood to a person with any blood type?

Ab+ universal receiver o- universal donor blood types: can donate to: can receive from: ab+: ab+: ab+ ab- a+ a- b+ b- o+ o- ab-: ab+ ab-: ab- b- a- o- a+: a+ ab+: a+ a- o+ o- a-: a+ a- ab+ ab-: a- o- b+: b+ ab+: b+ b- o+ o- b-: b- b+ ab- ab+: b- o- 0+: o+ a+ b+ ab+: o- o+ o-: o+ o- a+ a- b+ b- ab+ ab-: o-

How minus times minus is plus?

Let y= ab+(- a)(b) +(-a)(-b) factor out -a y= ab+(-a){b+(-b)} y=ab+(-a)(0) y =ab -------------------(1) now factor out b y= b{a+(-a)}+(-a)(-b) y= b(0) +(-a)(-b) y= (-a)(-b)-----------------(2) equate (1) and (2) (-a)(-b)=ab minus x minus = positive

What is ab in algebra?

Assuming a and b are variables, this would mean a times b.

Why does b times ab equal ab squared and not equal ab plus b squared?

b*ab = ab2 Suppose b*ab = ab + b2. Assume a and b are non-zero integers. Then ab2 = ab + b2 b = 1 + b/a would have to be true for all b. Counter-example: b = 2; a = 3 b(ab) = 2(3)(2) = 12 = ab2 = (4)(3) ab + b2 = (2)(3) + (2) = 10 but 10 does not = 12. Contradiction. So it cannot be the case that b = 1 + b/a is true for all b and, therefore, b*ab does not = ab + b2

Why is a negative times a negative a positive?

Here is a proof. Let a and b be any two real numbers. Consider the number x defined as x = ab + (-a)(b) + (-a)(-b). We can write this out differently as x = ab + (-a)[ (b) + (-b) ] Then, by factoring out -a , we find that x= ab + (-a)(0) = ab + 0 = ab. Also, x = [ a + (-a) ]b + (-a)(-b) And by factoring out b, we find that x=0 * b + (-a)(-b) = 0 + (-a)(-b) = (-a)(-b). Therefore x = ab and x = (-a)(-b) Then, by the transitivity of equality, we have ab = (-a)(-b).

What is the answer for a over 3 times b over 4?

It is: a/3 times b/4 = ab/12

Ab to the 4 power times a to the fifth power and b to the 3 power?

Ab to the 4 power times a to the fifth power and b to the 3 power is a quadrilateral equation.

What is the equation of ab?


Blood type AB and blood type B what equals that blood type?

If B is homozygous (AB, BB): AB or B is possible. If B is heterozygous (AB, iB): A, B, or AB is possible.

What blood types can AB- receive from?

AB- can receive from O+, O-, A+, A-, B+, B-, and AB-. But not AB+.

How do you show that ab plus ab plus cc equals abc?

If, as is normal, ab represents a times b, etc then ab + ab + cc = 2ab + c2 which is generally not the same as abc.

What is the Answers for simplify monomials of ab X -b?

ab * -b = -ab^-2

Is blood type ab universal?

AB is the universal can get O , A , B or AB blood. But also depends on the Rh factor. AB- can get O-, A-, B- AB- only blood AB+ can get O+,O-,A+,A-,B+,B-,AB+ or AB- red blood cells.

Does A plus B equals AB?

No, A+B is left as A+B AB would be A x B

What is the value of ab if a is 7 and b is 9?

a=7 b=9 ab=? ab is the multiplication of a & b there fore the value of ab=7*9=63



What blood type can receive only from A and O?

Only A and AB can receive from A and O. O can only receive from O. A can only receive from A and O. B can only receive from B and O. AB can receive from A, B, AB, or O. O can donate to A, B, AB, or O. A can only donate to A or AB. B can only donate to B or AB. AB can only donate to AB.

What types of blood are there?

o+,o-,a+, a-,b-, b+,ab+, ab-

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