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Bench Marks are property of survey department and authority of establishing a bench mark exists on survey department. So sometimes there would be none BMs cover the site areas. So the necessity of TBMs arises, because it minimizes the cost, time and accuracy of the site survey procedure. If there is no TBM established, it needs more measures to determine the heights from established MBs. So the labour cost will increase and the duration will also increase. Human errors are one of an incident which is a tall order to reduce. So the lengthen measurement process will cause of having unnecessary errors.

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Q: What is advantages from temporary benchmark?
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What is temporary benchmark in surveying?

A temporary benchmark in surveying refers to a point or mark established temporarily on the ground to serve as a reference for elevation measurements during a specific surveying operation. It is used as a reference point from which the elevations of other points are measured. Temporary benchmarks are often used in field surveys and construction projects where accurate elevation data is needed but where permanent benchmarks may not be practical or necessary. Here's how temporary benchmarks are typically used in surveying: **Establishment:** A temporary benchmark is usually set up by placing a temporary object such as a wooden stake, metal rod, or other easily visible marker at a specific location on the ground. This location is chosen based on its accessibility and its relevance to the survey. **Elevation Measurement:** Surveyors use leveling instruments, such as a level or a total station, to measure the difference in elevation between the temporary benchmark and other points of interest in the survey area. **Reference Point:** The temporary benchmark becomes the reference point for all elevation measurements in that particular survey. The elevation of the benchmark itself may be known or determined through previous surveys or by leveling techniques. **Removal:** Once the survey is complete, the temporary benchmark may be removed, as it was established for that specific surveying operation. However, it's essential to document its location and elevation for future reference if needed. Temporary benchmarks are used for various purposes, including construction site grading, drainage design, land development, and topographic mapping. While they provide a convenient and efficient way to establish elevation references for a specific project, they are temporary by nature and may not have the long-term stability or accuracy of permanent benchmarks. It's important to note that the accuracy and reliability of any benchmark, whether temporary or permanent, impact the overall quality of the survey data. Therefore, surveyors follow specific procedures to ensure that benchmarks are correctly established and their elevations accurately determined.

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When surveying using a "level" instrument , the "level" instrument is set-up and adjusted to level by adjusting the screws. When surveying you have an instrument person and a rod person. When trying to find the height of the instrument, the rod person places there rod over a "known" elevation, either a benchmark or a temporary benchmark that has a known elevation. To get the height of the instrument, you need to "shoot" the level to the rod person holding the rod on the known elevation, this is called the "Backsight". This elevation will be read by the instrument person, and recorded in the survey field book. This value backsight elevation will then be added to the known elevation of the benchmark or the temporary benchmark, to get the height of instrument. HI = known elevation + BS Height

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