What is after septrillion?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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septrillion and one

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Q: What is after septrillion?
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Why does septrillion mean 7 but is the 9th month?

Septrillion is not a month but is a number figure. Septrillion in a number like million that is used to discuss a huge number. The number has too many zero's to bother with but it 10008. As 10001 is one thousand or a kilo it can be used to express megabytes for computers. Septrillion is as said 10008, i is said also as a yotta can be used to express yottabytes. A number too large for technology to yet create for a computer's memory.

How many meters in a yottameter?

Its About 1000000000000000000000000 Metres (1 Septrillion)(24 Zeros)

What is the name of the number after septrillion?

The name of the power of 1000 after septillion (note the slight alteration in spelling), is octillion.

What is after sextrillion?

sextrillion and one! But I assume you want to know the next major unit, which is septrillion (equal to a thousand sextrillions).