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< = decrease

> = increase

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[object Object]

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great answer thank you

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Q: What is algebraic symbol of decrease and increase?
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When tension increase then frequency increase or decrease?


Does x increase or decrease making the y increase or decrease?

no. :)

Does increase of inventory increase or decrease cash flow?

When adjusting your cash flow statement, you increase (add) a decrease of inventory and decrease (subtract) an increase of inventory

How do you increase or decrease the radius of a circle?

Increase or decrease the circle's diameter

What is increase and decrease?

Increase means to get more and decrease means to get less

Do you increase or decrease in mass?

you increase or decrease mass by taking the mass out

Does the surface energy increase or decrease with increase in planar density?


What causes density to increase and decrease?

The increase in concentration increases the density and decrease causes the decrease in density.

Is algebraic expression related by symbol like?


What cuases speed to increase and decrease?

To increase or decrease speed of an object, a force is needed.To increase or decrease speed of an object, a force is needed.To increase or decrease speed of an object, a force is needed.To increase or decrease speed of an object, a force is needed.

Does heat increase or decrease thermal energy?


Does the magnetic field increase or decrease if the current is decreased?

An increase in an electrical current will cause magnetism to increase but a decrease in an electrical current will cause magnetism to decrease.

If the period of a wave increases its frequency must?

Increase decrease. The frequency MUST decrease.

does solid to gas increase or decrease tempearture?


Does the air pressure increase or decrease in stratosphere?


Which transaction would increase and decrease an assat?

A debit would increase and a credit will decrease .

What are the basis of an increase or decrease in supply?

demand in supply is the basis of it's increase and decrease

When an ice cube changes into a liquid would it require an increase or decrease?

increase or decrease in what?

Can the pH of water decrease with increase in temperature?

When the temperature increase the pH of water decrease.

If your cash increase does it increase or decrease?

it depends on what you mean by "increase" and "decrease." It can actually go both way. the alimony I get can this increase

What is a symbol that stands for a number called?

algebraic expression

What does decrease and increase mean?

increase means to think about something and decrease means to go down

Does current increase as the voltage decrease?

If the power remains constant then current increase with decrease in voltage

How can you increase and decrease the resistance in a circuit?

by using a variable resistor. We can increase and decrease the resistance in a circuit.

Do volcanic eruption increase or decrease the temperature of the earth?