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3 x -8

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Q: What is algebraic symbols of 8 subtracted from thrice a number?
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What is the algebraic symbols of the 25 dimished by thrice a number?

25 - 3n

What is the answer in Twice a number less than three in algebraic?

Thrice A number divided by five is three

How do you translate the word five less than thrice a number into algebraic expression?

Let the number be x and so the algebraic expression would be: 3x -5

What is six times a number minus thrice the same number?

Thrice the same number.

How do you write thrice a number divided by three?

Thrice is three, "a number" can be shown as n. This is 3n. 3n/3=n

What number is thrice as large as sixty?


How 1 mg of K2CrO4 has thrice the number of ions than the number of formula unit when ionized in water?

1 mg of k2CrO4 has thrice the number ions than the number of formula units when ionized in water ?

How Thrice a number divided by 4 is equal to twice a number?

Simple! The number is 0.

What the answer of thrice a number divided by 5?

That will depend on the number of x in 3x/5

Thrice a number and add two times the same number is equal to 100 what is the number?


Why roman number can be repeated only thrice?

Ask the Romans

Differences and similarities between Hindu Arabic and ancient Egyptian numerals?

The Hindu- Arabic number system has different symbols for number form one to nine though The Egyptian number system repeatedly uses the strokes, which is used twice for 2, used thrice for three and so on....... Disadvantages in Egyptian number systems are though number are long they are not necessarily the largest and though symbols are short they are not necessarily the shortest answer.

What is the only even prime number multiplied by itself thrice?


How do you write 4 more than thrice a number?

It can be: 3x+4

What number is thrice as iarge as 50?

50 x 3 = 150Note: thrice is three.

How do you spell thrice?

The correct spelling is "thrice".

When was Thrice created?

Thrice was created in 1998.

How many numbers from 1 to 100 can be divided thrice by number 3?


What does thrice as much mean?

thrice means it is triple

How do you use thrice in a sentence?

The clock struck thrice and down came the mice. I'll not tell you thrice! I've visited Thrace thrice.

What does thrice mean from poptropica?

Thrice means three times

What number is thrice the sum of 37 and 45?

It is: 3 times (37+45) = 246

Can a president twice or thrice elected?

Twice yeah, thrice nay.

What is the thrice on Mythology Island?

Well, thrice typically means "three".

What is a sentence for the word thrice?

I went to the movies thrice in one day!

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