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410 Amps @ 90°c with 3 or less conductors in the conduct.

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Q: What is amperage rating of thhn 450 MCM copper wire?
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What is amperage rating of THHN 1 MCM copper wire?

#1 MCM copper wire is rated at 140 amps.

What is the amperage rating of 800 MCM Copper wire?


What size copper wire is equal to 0 aluminum?

#1 copper thhn

What is The amperage rating of 350 MCM copper wire?

It depends on a lot of factors. Generally speaking, if the insulation is THHN then the rating is 350 amps. If the insulation is THWN then the rating is 310 amps. The ampere rating for wire depends on the temperature of the environment it will be used in, the insulation rating and the number of circuits installed in a conduit. There are also other factors to consider... like voltage drop in long runs.

What percent of copper is a 1O THHN Electrical Wire?

I would need more detailon your question but what i can tell you is 100' of #10 THHN eire is 8320grams with insulation and 7110 grams as bear copper wire. Now what i am trying to figure out is if that copper wire is 100% copper or not?

100 amp subpanel from 200amp service what size wire do you use?

A #3 copper wire with insulation rating of 90 degrees C has an amperage rating of 105 amps.

What wire size 125AMP?

NEC 310.16 #1 THHN Copper

What wire size is needed to run a 100 amp subpanel?

#3 R90 or RW 90 degree copper wire. Its amperage rating is 105 amps.

What is The amperage rating of 500 MCM copper wire?

500kciml has been rated as 380A (for connection to non-ANSI protective devices)

Twelve-gauge wire is rated to carry how many amperes?

20 Amperes per NEC A #12 copper wire, insulation rating of 90 degree C, has an amperage rating of 20 amps.

What is the amperage rating on number 8 gauge wire?

A #8 copper wire insulation rating of 90 degrees C is rated at 45 amps. At 75 C = 45 amps, at 60 C = 40 amps.

What is the temperature rating for thhn?

THHN wire has two temperature ratings. 90 degrees C in dry locations and 75 degrees C in wet locations.

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