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Q: What is an 8 bit string of data needed to represent any one alphanumeric character or simple mathematical operation?
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What mathematical operation does a fraction represent?


What is the division symbol's name?

The division symbol is called an obelus (÷) or a division sign. It is used to represent the operation of division in mathematical expressions.

What does the word symbol mean in maths?

It is usually a single character that is used to represent a mathematical object, operation, unit. Examples: P is a point. Square root is represented by "√" A degree is represented by "◦" But it could be multiple characters: ABC is a triangle.

What is an obelus?

An obelus is a symbol consisting of a short horizontal line with a dot above and below, often used to represent the mathematical operation of division.

What are the operation symbols?

Operation symbols in mathematics are used to represent mathematical operations, such as addition (+), subtraction (-), multiplication (×), and division (÷). These symbols are used to perform calculations and denote relationships between numbers or variables.

What does Mega Byte mean in the computer?

A megabyte is one million bytes, each byte being a sequence of 8 bits, which is enough information to represent one character of alphanumeric data.

What do the first few alphanumeric characters of a unit type code represent?

functional areas

What does braces mean in a mathematical term?

Braces are these {} and in mathematics it signifies one of many things. It may represent a "Set". It may represent an operation - enclosed within it - that has to be done and evaluated before proceeding to the next level of nesting etc., etc.

What does a superscript represent?

A superscript is a smaller character or symbol positioned slightly above the normal line of text. It is commonly used for exponentiation or indices in mathematical equations and chemical formulas.

What does the alphanumeric string appended an Organizational Unit name represent?

A sub-division. it might even be a Budget Code.

What is the value of theta?

'Theta' is the eighth character in the Greek alphabet. It is not often used as a mathematical constant (such as 'Pi'), but rather as a variable. It is commonly, but not always, used to represent some arbitrary angle.

What is the mathematical symbol to represent a subring?

There is no standard symbol for subring