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A triangle with 3 different interior acute angles is a scalene triangle and its 3 sides will be of different lengths

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Q: What is an acute triangle called?
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What is a triangle with three acute sides called?

Sides aren't acute, angles are. A triangle with three acute angles would be called (appropriately enough) an acute triangle.

If one angle in a triangle is acute can the other two angle also be acute?

Yes. In this case a triangle is called an acute triangle.

What is the name of a triangle with three acute angles?

It impossible for a triangle to have three acute angles. * * * * * What? A triangle most certainly can have three acute angles. Such a triangle would be called an acute-angled triangle!

What is a triangle with 3 acute angles?

A triangle with 3 acute angles is simply called an acute triangle.An example is an equilateral triangle, which has three angles of 60° (acute).

Triangle with all acute angles called?

equilateral triangle, acute triangle, some isosceles and scalene triangles

A triangle with no equal sides is called?

acute triangle

Which triangle is it called when it has no equals sides?

An acute triangle.

How many right angles can be in a acute triangle?

None. If there was a right angle then it would not be called an acute triangle.

What is a triangle with 3 acute angles called?

An acute angled triangle. Nothing more, nothing less.

A triangle that has three 3 acute angles is a what?

A triangle with 3 acute angles is an acute triangle. All the angles in an acute triangle are acute.

What a triangle with 3 acute angles called?

If all of the 3 acute angles are 60 degrees then it is an equilateral triangle if not then it could be a scalene triangle.

Does and acute has a right angle and two acute angles?

no an acute triangle does not have a right angle. if it had a right angle, it would be called a right triangle. to be an acute triangle, the triangle needs two angles that are smaller than 90 degrees.