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A permutation is the correct answer

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Q: What is an arrangement in which order is important?
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What is chronological arrangement?

Chronological arrangement is simply the arrangement of events in the order they occurred in. Generally, a chronological arrangement is known as a timeline.

Why is chronology important in terms of historical events?

Chronology is the arrangement of events in order of time. Therefore, chronology is important in history helping to understand which events occurred first.

Why is flower arrangement is important?

Flower arrangement is an art form. It makes rooms beautiful and sometimes aromatic.

Describe the arrangement of electrons in an atom why is electron arrangement so important?

because they need to all match up

What arrangement places events in the order in which they occur?

Placing events in the order of their occurrence is "chronological order".

What can one get from the website Flower Order?

One can get flowers delivered from the website Flower Order. There are many options from the website from a simple arrangement to a large arrangement with hundreds of flowers.

Is order a noun?

It can be. Order can mean a request or a command, or a sequential arrangement. It is also a verb.

An arrangement of a set of items or events in which the order does not matter?

A combination. If the order does matter, the word is permutation.

----- crystals do not lose their order arrangement completely upon melting?


What does struture mean?

it is the arrangement of the composition i.e. it's order and what happens when

Proteins can differ in quantity arrangement and what of amino acids?

order or sequence.... (:

Why is electron arrangement so important?

To make sure the formula comes out correctely!

Why is the arrangement of appetizers on the plate important?

So that way the people will know that they can eat it

Why were the elements important to Mendeleev?

Chemical elements arrangement was the object of study for Mendeleev.

Is arrangement a noun and a verb?

The word 'arrangement' is a noun, a singular, common, abstract noun; a word for the order in which things are put, or preparation or planning done in advance.The word 'arrangement' is the noun form of the verb to arrange.

What is a regular repeating arrangement of atoms?

A regular repeating arrangement of atoms, ions and molecules is called a crystal. This structure has its plane faces in a symmetrical order.

What is meant by 'chronological order'?

1. An arrangement of events in time. 2. A record of events in the order of their occurrence.

Definition of fixed order quantity system?

A fixed order quantity system is the arrangement in which the inventory level is continuously

Food item in alphatical?

The food item in alphabetical order refers to the systematic arrangement of food in a given order.

Proteins can differ in quantity arrangement and ------ of amino acids?

Order or sequence

What the opposite of disarry?

Antonyms for the noun disarray are arrangement, harmony, order, or orderliness.

What is climatic order of paragraph?

In this type of arrangement, the most important or most dramatic item of event in a series is placed at the end of a paragraph. Generally, however, the topic sentence is not part of the climatic series

What is inverted order?

Inverted order is an arrangement of the elements of a sentence. The sentence is arranged in the reverse of the usual order. It is designed to achieve emphasis or variety.

Some girls are standing in a circular arrangement They are evenly spaced and numbered in order The seventh girl is directly opposite the seventeenth girl How many girls are in the arrangement?


You want to make a debit order arrangement to pay for your edgars account who do you contact?