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Q: What is an concise and precise writing?
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What is the difference between Precise and Concise?

precise is precise and concise is concise

What is the synonym for concise?

Two synonyms for concise are exact and precise.

Why should a thesis statement always be precise and concise?

A precise and concise thesis statement helps clearly communicate the main idea of your paper to the reader. It also guides the direction of your arguments and keeps your writing focused. Additionally, a clear thesis statement makes it easier for you to stay organized and for the reader to understand your point.

What is the difference between 'concise' and 'precise' words?

Concise means expressing or covering much in few words; brief in form but comprehensive in scope. Precise means definitely or strictly stated, defined, or fixed: precise directions.

How can an effective memo be prepared?

By being precise and concise in what you write.

What rhymes with presice?

Words that rhyme with presice include concise, precise, and precise.

Concise expository writing is best described as writing that is?

this is a peice of sh** search engine

Why do you need proper plurals and possessives in your writing?

To make your writing clear, concise, and legible.

What are concise notes?

Concise writing is when you start with a topic sentence. Then, you have your body paragraph relate to you topic sentence.

What is the meaning of 'precise writing'?

precise means being exact or to the point

Qualities of technical writing?


By being concise in your writing, you can?

direct readers to what's important in your work.