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and they lived happily ever after ;)

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Q: What is an ending line for a fairy tale?
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What is the ending of a fairy tale?


What is the usual line of fairy tales?

definition of a fairy tale what is it type.The meaning.

Is it fairy tale or fairy-tale?


Is a fairy tale a novel?

A fairy tale novel is a novel that is about a fairy tale, a novel that takes place in a fairy tale, a novel that has to do with a fairy tale, a novel that is a fairy tale, or a novel that is a fairy tale that may be extended

Is Cinderella a fairy tale?

A fairytale is a story that did not really happen that usually has a happy ending.

Is pinicchio a fairy tale?

yes, it is fairy tale

Is SpongeBob a fairy tale?

Is SpongeBob a fairy tale

Which of these would most likely happen in a happy comedy?

A fairy tale ending, in which people receive what they want

What is the theme of Fairy Tales?

Most fairy tales are about princesses who find their princes or a love that at first could not be. What everyone knows is:- A fairy tale does NOT need fairies.- Obligatory happy ending.

Is Lonpopo a fairy tale?

Yes, though a Chinese fairy tale.

Is Kate and the beanstalk a fairy tale?

yes a changed fairy tale

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is Casper the ghost a fairy tale