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It is an equation. It could be an algebraic equation, or a trigonometric equation, a differential equation or whatever, but it is still an equation.

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What is the word for an equation that contains a variable?

An algebraic equation.

Equation that contains more than one variable?

A bivariate equation.

what is called an equation that contains more than one variable?

Multivariable equation

What is a mathematical sentence that contains a variable?

that's an equation.

What is an equation which contains a variable called?

An open sentence.

An expression that contains at least one variable?

Literal Equation

What is an equation in which the variable appears in separate terms and neither variable contains an exponent other than 1?

A = b.

What is an algerbraic expression?

An algebraic expression is an expression or and equation that contains at least 1 variable

What is a solution to an equation that contains more than one variable?

add one to the problem

What is it called when an expression or equation contains a variable?

I'm pretty sure it's an open sentence.

An expression that contains at least one variable is called an algebraic expression?

it is a one-step equation

When an equation contains addition can the variable be isolated by performing the opposite process namely subtraction?


What is y2x-5 eliminated?


A equation which contains a squared variable?

Squared means to the power 2. An wxample would be x2 = 25.

What is 306g is equal too 22.5?

It appears to be a linear equation in the variable, g.It appears to be a linear equation in the variable, g.It appears to be a linear equation in the variable, g.It appears to be a linear equation in the variable, g.

Can you solve a variable with an equation?

When an equation has a variable in it (only one), then there are only certainvalues the variable can have that will make the equation a true statement."Solving" the equation means finding those values for the variable.

Can you solve for a variable in an equation?

Sure. You can always 'solve for' a variable, and if it happens to be the only variable in the equation, than that's how you solve the equation.

Why do you isolate the variable on one side the the equation when solving a linear equation?

Isolating a single variable in terms of the rest of the equation provides a solution to that variable. That is, if you know the equation that equals the variable, then you can figure out its value.

What is an equation with more than one variable called?

Simultaneous equation* * * * *No, simultaneous equations are two or more equations that have all to be true at the same time (simultaneously) for the solution.An equation with more than one variable is a multivariate equaion.Area = 0.5*Length*Height or a = 0.5*l*h for the area of a triangle has more than one variables, but it is certainly not simultaneous.An equation with a variable is called a single variable equation. An equation that has more than one variable is called as a multi-variable equation. A polynomial equation has one variable in different powers: a common example is quadratic equations.

An equation that contains a squared variable?

They are something like 4 to the power of 2. It has to be 2. The answer would be 4X4=16.

What number when substituded for the variable in an equation makes the equation true?

you have to solve the actual equation in order to answer this about your variable

What is an equation that is not true for any value of a variable?

linear equation in one variable

What is it called when you have to get the variable alone on one side of an equation?

It is to make the variable the subject of the equation.

When an equation contains decimals what should you do before getting the variable together on one side?

There is no need t do anything particular.

How does a pointer variable differs from an ordinary variable?

normal variable contains the value of variable ( or float) whereas pointer variable contains the address of another variable

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