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A squared plus b squared equils c squared

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Q: What is an equation that performs mathematical calculations on number values?
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Is a formula an equation that performs calculations on number values in cells?

a formula is an equation that performs mathematical calculations on number values in cells

An equation that performs mathematical calculations on number values in cell is known as?


How do you define variable?

A letter in place of a number used in a mathematical equation.

What is the mathematical equation to convert Celsius to Kelvin?

add 273 to the number

What is a denominator in a mathematical equation?

A denominator is a common part of a mathematical equation. The denominator is found below the line of a fraction. In 1/4, the number 4 is the denominator.

What is the last number in an equation?

There is no answer since the terms of an equation can be written in any order (when in ordinary mathematical domains).

What is x in mathematical language?

X is a variable in the mathematical language. X could be any number, letter or equation.

What is a sentence that has the term Number sentence?

A number sentence is a mathematical equation, such as 2x6+5x4=32.

How do you do number sentences?

a number sentence is for example.9+9=18 ,any mathematical equation

What is 017?

The number 017 can refer to a number of different things. The number can be found enscribed on a pill, it can be used for a mathematical equation, or it can be a deposit number.

A sentence using the word infinite?

Her love for her was infinite.The result of this mathematical equation is an infinite number.

What makes up number sentences?

Sentences made up of numbers; a mathematical equation is a number sentence. pie rocks

Can a constant in a math equation be a negative?

In a mathematical equation, the constant is defined as a term in the equation that only includes a real number. Since a negative number is a real number, then yes, a negative number can be considered a constant. For example, in the equation 6x -2... -2 would be the constant because it is a term that contains only the real number (-2).

What is a benchmark used for in mathematics?

A benchmark is a number used to estimate something. One number or multiple numbers can be used as benchmarks in a mathematical equation.

Is more than 100 percent an impossible percent?

Technically speaking, the mathematical numbers over 100% are NOT impossible. They are only impossible when you are using the number one. To my calculations, the mathematical Numbers in percents over than a hundred while dealing with the number one is an equational mathematical calculational scientific impossibility.

Why do chemical equations have the same number of atoms on each side?

For the same reason as a mathematical equation. The word equation is derived from EQUAL - so to be equal or balanced there has to be the same number of atoms on each side.

How long is the mathematical equation pi?

pi is not an equation, it's an irrational number and has no end. ============================================================== It has been calculated up to over a million digits, but it doesnt have an end... yet.

What is the difference between a proportion and an equation?

A proportion is simply a ratio of one number to another. An equation can be any or all of the mathematical operations taking place on numbers or variables.

In mathematical definition transcendental means?

Basically, a number is transcendental if it isn't the solution of a polynomial equation. An example would be PI.

What does exp mean in a mathematical equation?

it can either mean the number e raised as an exponent or it can mean just simply and exponent.

What 415 divided by 27?


What mathematical equation matches these wordsWhat mathematical equation matches these words Four times an unknown number added to eight times an unknown number equals thirty-six?

If they are two different unknowns then it is: 4x+8y = 36 If they are the same unknowns then it is: 4x+8x = 36 in which x works out as 3

What mathematical principle is equal to 3.14?

That's not a "mathematical principle", it is an approximation of the number pi.That's not a "mathematical principle", it is an approximation of the number pi.That's not a "mathematical principle", it is an approximation of the number pi.That's not a "mathematical principle", it is an approximation of the number pi.

What is an equation that equals 12345678987654321?

There are infinite calculations that result with the number in question. For example: 12345678987654320 +1 = 12345678987654321 12345678987654319 +2 = 12345678987654321 and so on.

Is 0 the same as an equation with no solution?

I understand why you ask...but the answer is no.As a mathematical object, zero is an integer -- a number. As such, zero could easily be a SOLUTION to an EQUATION. But it's not the same as an equation. An equation is a different kind of mathematical object entirely.It's probably a good idea to try looking at zero not as "nothing", but as something: the middle point between positive and negative numbers.