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Equivalent fractions for two ninths are, four eighteenths or six twenty sevenths. Hope I helped.

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Q: What is an equivalent fraction for two ninths?
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What are equivalent fraction to two ninths?


What is the equivalent fraction in ninths to two thirds?


What is the fraction equivalent of four ninths?

4/9 IS a fraction. Decimal equivalent 0.4 recurring

What fraction is equivalent to seven ninths?

Seven ninths is a fraction. It's 7/9 as we'd write it with numerals.

What fraction is equivalent to sixth ninths?


What is a fraction equivalent to four ninths?


What fraction is equivalent to eight ninths?


Which fraction is equivalent to three ninths?


What fraction is equivalent to eight nines?

there is no equivalent fraction to eight ninths because both of the numbers do not divide by anything equally

What is the fraction two ninths as a decimal?


What fraction of 180 is 40?

Two ninths.

What Is The Equivalent Fraction For Five Ninths?

5/9 = .55555 repeating

What are equivalent fractions for two-ninths?

Equivalent fractions for two-ninths are 4/18ths, 6/27ths, 8/36ths, etc.

What is equivalent to two thirds?

six ninths is equivalent to two thirds

How do you get two equivalent fractions for two ninths?

Select any integer greater than one. Multiply both the numerator (two) and the denominator (nine) by the number you have selected. You now have a new, equivalent fraction.

What is six ninths equal to?

The fraction six ninths is equal to an infinite number of 0.66 in which the number six will keep continuing. The fraction can also be a reduce fraction of two thirds.

What fractions are equivalent to eight ninths?

Let k be any integer. Then 8k/9k is an equivalent fraction.

What is the equivalent fraction for four ninths?

8/18,12/27, and 16/36

What is equivalent to eight thirtysixths?

Two ninths

What is 5 and two ninths as an improper fraction?


What is 2 9ths as a fraction?

2/9 (two ninths)

What is 2.2 repeating as a fraction?

2.2 repeating is equal to 2 and 2/9, or 20/9, twenty ninths or two and two ninths.

How do you write 2.222222 as a fraction?

Expressed as a mixed fraction, 2.2 recurring is equal to 2 2/9 or two and two ninths.

What is four ninths minus two thirds?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, 4/9 - 2/3 = -2/9 or minus two ninths.

What is the answer to 0.2 repeating as a fraction?

Expressed as a fraction, 0.2 recurring (that is, 0.2222...) is equal to two ninths or 2/9.

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