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Q: What is an equivalent ratio for 4 5?
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Related questions

What is a ratio is equivalent to 8 to 10?

4 to 5

What ratio is equivalent to 2 to 5?

It is: 4 to 10

What is the ratio equivalent to 4 to 5?

Multiply both number by any non-zero number and you will get an equivalent ratio.

How to convert 2 4 5 to a ratio?

2 : 4 : 5 is equivalent to 2/11 : 4/11 : 5/11.

What is any equivalent ratio for 4 to 5?

It is: 8 to 10

Which ratio is equivalent to 36 to 45?

It is: 4 to 5

What ratio is equivalent to 5 over 20?

1 over 4

What is the ratio equivalent of 10 to 4?

5 to 2

Equivalent ratios to 4 5?

Equivalent ratios to 4/5 can be several such as 8/10 or 16/20.

What is a ratio is equivalent to 10 to 8?

5 to 4

What is equivalent to this ratio 32?

Find an equivalent ratio to 32:24 such that tje first number in the ratio is 4

What is the equivalent ratio for 15 to 5?

There are infinitely many equivalent ratios to 15:5, eg 12:4, 30:10, 45:15, 60:20 The simplest form of the ratio is 15:5 = (3×5):(1×5) = 3:1

How do you use equivalent ratio in a sentence?

Find an equivalent ratio to 3/5.

How do you find a ratio equivalent to another ratio?

A ratio can be expressed as an equivalent ratio by multiplying or dividing each side of the ratio by the same number. Examples: The ratio 4:5 is the same as 8:10 or 12:15 The ratio 3:6 is the same as the ratio 1:2

What ratio is equivalent to the ratio 2 to 5?


What is the ratio of 5 boys and 5 girls?

A ratio of 5:5 is equivalent to 1:1.

How can the terms of a ratio be used to write an equivalent ratio?

You must have seen expressions such as 3:4::12:16, which reads 3 is to 4 as 12 is to 16. Sometimes encountered as 5:a::30:b, which is read 5 is to a as 30 is to b. Is this the type of ratio to which you refer.

Is the ratio 12 to 5 equivalent to 5 to 17?

No, it is not equivalent. Think of it this way. If you had £12 and I had £5 then you would have money in the ratio of 12 to 5 compared to me. If you then only had £5 and I had £17 (which represents the new ratio of 5 to 17) you would not agree that this was equivalent as a proportion (you would rightly feel that you had lost out)!

What is an equivalent ratio to 1012?


Is it possible to have a triangle whose angle measures are in the ratio 3 to 4 to 5 and whose side lengths are the same ratio?

No. If the angles are in the ratio 3:4:5, the sides will be in the ratio sin(3):sin(4):sin(5) - NOT in the ratio 3:4:5.

Is the ratio. 312 a equivalent to ratio 14?

If you mean 3 12 then yes it is equivalent to 1 4

What ratio is equivalent 25?

There is a few ratio equivalent that equal to 25. Some of the equivalent are 25: 100, 1: 4, 2:8, 3: 12, 4 : 16.

Ratio equivalent of 48 30?


What is ratio of the measures of the angles 4 and 5 and 6?

The ratio is 4:5:6.

What is the ratio of 10 5?

what ratio is equivalent to 10:5