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Three times twenty five equals seventy five.

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Q: What is an example of a word equation?
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What does word equation mean in science?

It is a type in which chemical equation are written in the word: for example: Mg 02------>MgO

What is a sentence with the word example?

"The teacher gave us an example of how to solve the equation."

An example of a word equation?

My favourite is ELEVEN + TWO = TWELVE + ONE

How do you use the word linear in a sentence?

An example of a linear equation is : y=mx+b.

What is a non-example of a equation?

Your question is a non-example of an equation. As is a cat.

What is the word equation for precipitation?

A word equation starts with the reactant and then ends with the product. A + B - C + D For example: CuNO3 + NaPO4 à CuPO4 + NaNO3

What is a example of a subtraction equation?

10 - 4 or 65-34 is an example of a subtraction equation

How do you write a word equation for galvanizing?

one example is zinc+iron sulphate= iron+ zinc sulphate

Is a number increased by 10 is 24 an equation or an inequality?

The word "is" implies equality - an equation. An equality would be expressed different, for example, "is more than", "is at least", etc.

What is the word equation for calcium sulphide?

cas is word equation for calcium sulphide

What is another word for equation?

Another word for equation relating to mathematics is "expression".

Show 100 equation of converting word equation into chemical equation?

One example would be: acetic acid and ammonia form ammonium acetate. CH3COOH + NH3 --------> CH3COONH4

What are some example sentences for the word equation?

Math is full of Equations. The most famous Equation is e=mc2.

Is equation a noun.?

Yes, the word 'equation' is a noun, a word for a thing.

What is the word for an equation that contains a variable?

An algebraic equation.

What a word of An equation that is always true?

Identity equation

What is a sentence for the word equation?

Please solve this equation.

What is the word equation for acids reacting with a metal?

Show an example:Mg + 2 HCl = MgCl2 + H2

What is an example of equation?

y = x + 1 is an example.

What is written on the left side of a word equation?

The reactants are written on the left side of a word equation.

What is the balanced equation for calcium nitrate and sulfate?

Well you didnt make it clear whether you wanted the word equation or symbol equation, so the word equation is calcium nitrate+sulfate.

What is an example of a chemically balanced equation?

An example of a balanced chemical equation is: NaOH + HCl = NaCl + H2O

What does 'word equation' mean in science?

'Word equation' refers to a chemical equation written in words, not balanced chemical symbols. For example, aerobic respiration is as follows; Glucose + Oxygen = Carbon Dioxide + Water + Energy C6H12O6 + 6 O2 = 6 CO2 + 6 H2O + Energy

What does the word word equations mean?

A word equation is where you with the words of the reactants and products instead of the symbols. H2 + 1/2 O2 --> H2O Symbol equation Hydrogen + Oxygen --> Water Word equation :-)

What is the word equation for a chemical reaction?

For word equation, we write the complete names of the products on the left hand side of the arrow and complete names of products on the right side of the arrow. Example; Copper oxide + Hydrogen ---------> Copper + Water

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