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A cicumference is the perimeter or distance around the edge of a circle. To get the circumference you use the following equation: C=πd (3.1416 x diameter) where n = pi and is always 3.1416 Example: Say you have a circle with the diameter of 2 in. (diameter of circle)x(pi)= 2 in. x 3.1416 = 6.2832 So the circumference of a circle with a diameter of 2 in. is 6.2832 which means the circle is 6.2832 in. around the outside edge.

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Q: What is an example of circumference?
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What is a real world example of circumference?

The Equator is a real world example, being the circumference of the Earth.

What is and pie r 2 an example of?

A circumference.

Is the circumference 3 times the radius?

No, the formula for a circumference of a circle is 2(pie)r For example, if r is 6, the the circumference is 12(pie)

What is an example of meterlogy?

predicting the diameter and circumference of a meteor.

How do you get circumfrence?

The circumference of a circle can be found using the equation c=2πr. For example, if a circle has a radius of 10, its circumference is 20π, or 62.832.

What is a situation where you would need to know the circumference of a circle?

The circumference of a circle would be needed as for example when constructing a circular swimming pool.

Why would you need to find the circumference of a circle?

As for example when constructing a round-about on a road you'll need to know its perimeter which is the circumference of a circle.

How to calculate diamter for a 10 foot tall column?

Measure the circumference of the column. Divide the circumference by "Pi" (3.1417) and the answer is the diameter. Example: If the circumference is 15", the diameter is 4.78", or 4 25/32"

How big is 128 inch circumference?

A 128 inch circumference would imply a radius of 20.4 inches - a regular bicycle wheel, for example.

How do you get the radius of the circle with the circumference?

divide the circumference by pie (3.14) and the answer would be the radius. for example circumference = 314 pie = 3.14 so 314 divide by 3.14 = 100 so the radius = 100

What are the average measurements of a golf bag For example height circumference ext.?

Mid-size golf (cart) bag circumference about 36 inches (90cm)

What is the circumference of circles?

The circumference is the length of the outside of the circle. For example, if you took a piece of string and made a circle with it, then laid the string straight, the length of the string would be the circumference. The circumference of a circle can be measured by doing two times the radius of the circle times the mathematical constant, pi.