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An apple hanging from a tree has gravitational potential energy...anything which could fall to the ground has gravitational potential energy

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Q: What is an example of gravitational potential?
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Is gravitational energy an example of kinetic energy?

No. Gravitational energy is a type of potential energy.

When does an object have gravitational potential energy?

Well gravitational potential energy is potential energy that depends on the height of an object so an object would have gravitational potential energy when ever it's of the ground or at a high height (it doesn't have to be very high) for example if you lift up a ball it has the potential to fall or if your climbing a mountain you have gravitational potential energy.

How does the sum of Kinetic and gravitational Potential energy change?

The answer depends on the situation. For example, the sum of the kinetic and gravitational potential energy of an aircraft which is taking off will increase.

What is an example of gravitational energy transforming to mechanical energy?

Gravitational potential energy IS mechanical energy. Mechanical energy includes both kinetic energy, and potential energy.When an object falls, gravitational potential energy will be converted to KINETIC energy.

When could gravitational potential energy be dangerous?

For example, when you fall, or when something falls on you.

What is an example of gravitational potential energy tranforming in kinetic energy?

A falling stone.

Can gravitational potential energy be transferred between objects?

Yes. For example, this happens in a seesaw.

The energy of position is what kind of energy?

That is called potential energy. For example, in the case of gravitational potential energy: If an object is raised, its potential energy increases.

How is a ball on a hill gravitational energy?

the object has a potential energy relative to , for example, the bottom of the hill, or the bottom of the slide.

Potential energy related to an objects height?

Yes, it is based on both. Potential energy (gravitational potential energy, to be more precise) is simply the weight multiplied by the height.

What does potential energy plus gravitational energy equals?

Gravitational-potential energy.

How does an object get gravitational potential energy?

An object gets gravitational potential energy by