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To justify something in math is to prove it.

Example: Justify 4x = 8 when x = 2.

When x = 2, 4(2) = 8. Done.

By doing this I justified that 4x = 8 when x = 2.

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Q: What is an example of justify in math?
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What is an example of justify?

On my math test they asked me to justify my answer.

What is an example of justify in math terms?


What justify in math?

It means give logical reasons for whatever you are trying to justify.

What is the mathematical definition of justify?

Explain , or determine . For example , you are asked to solve a problem in math , and it asks you to " JUSTIFY your answer " . So you need to first show how you got your answer , and then give supporting details . Then you close your work together with an sentence that answers the question .

What is the meaning of justify in math?

It means that you are supposed to prove something.

What is the importance of math for society?

You sound like you're going to fail math this year and trying to justify it.

What does the math term justify your answer?

IT means that you meed to prove your answer, reason or to prove IT is the corect answer.

What is justify response?

In math terms, it means to prove your answer and make sure it is right.

Can you give me an example of the word justify?

There is nothing you can say that would justify lying to your mother.

What does the math term justify mean?

Justify simply means to show how you can change the way the problem is set up. Example: 9(4x + 5) + 4(2x + 9) = 44x + 81 Distributive Property would be the answer. You have to name the property you that is used to make the sentence true.

How can you use the word justify in a sentence?

Example sentence - We simply could not justify his actions regardless of his excuses.

What is is a non example of math?

History is anon-example of math.