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Example of minor shirk:

Worshiping Allah (subhan WA tallah) - having the objective of impressing people too.

Example of major shirk:

Associating partners with Allah (subhan WA tallah) or voting in elections are examples of major shirk.

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Q: What is an example of one minor shirk and one major shirk?
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The biggest sin in Muslim?

al-Shirk (polytheism) is of two kinds: major Shirk and minor Shirk. The major Shirk means to believe that Allah, The Great and Almighty has a partner: a god or Taghut (who exceeds his limits as a slave to Allah) who can manages the affairs of this universe.The major Shirk also means to worship somebody/thing with Allah, i.e. to pray, slaughter or vow for some Taghut, grave and so on.It also means to believe that similarity between Allah and His slaves in Attributes and Names or to, for example, deny some of the Divine Attributes and Names.In fact, one who commits such form of al-Shirk becomes non-Muslim, i.e. brings oneself out of the fold of Muslims.As for the minor Shirk, it is also prohibited by Sharia. Since it may lead to the major one. Examples of this Shirk include: Taking an oath by other than Allah and al-Riyaa (duplicity and performing acts for the sake of showing off and others' praise). This form of Shirk does not bring one out of the fold of Islam and Muslims, but it is a great sin.Allah knows best.

What is major shirk?

Major shirk is to Worship God not as the one and only one God but to worship God with having a son, or partner, or companion, or associate or with equivalence.

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Can you use the word shirk in a sentence?

Sure! Shirk means to avoid or neglect a duty or responsibility. An example sentence could be: "It is important not to shirk your responsibilities at work."

What best describes shirk?

The major sin of associating anything with divinity other than the one God

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If some one commits the mistake of 'shirk' what have they done?

The word shirk orginated from "Shirakat" that means to combine two things. in real sense it is taken as joining someone with the GOD. No one can be joined or attributed as GOD and id some one does so he commits SHIRK which is a SIN of Major nature and is a clear contradiction to the fact that Thee is only one GOD and no one else has the contols and the deivne power that almighty has as part of the true belief...

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