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0.07 7 is place value, which is 7 thousandths!! (:

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Q: What is an example of place value?
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What is the example for place value?

The place value of 6 in 6,934 is thousands

How do you use exponents in place value?

a place value is for example the number is 1598 what is the place value in tens place is 90

What is the place value of 1000000000000000000000000?

A number does not have a place value - a digit within the number has. For example 234 has no place value but the digit 4 has a place value of 40.

What does it mean to identify the place value?

It mean describe the place that the number is in. For example you have 54,325, and you have to identify the place value for the three you would say the place value of the three is hundreds because it is in the hundreds place.

Example of place value expanded notation?

An example of place value expanded notation is to expand the number 4985 to 4000 plus 900 plus 80 plus 5. The expanded notation gives one the place value of 4 in the thousands place, 9 in the hundreds place, 8 in the tens place, and 5 in the ones place.

What does the word placevalue mean?

place value means writing the place for example 159,639,567 and three is underlined the place value would be 30,000 understand

What are facts about place value?

Facts about place value is that were the number stands it represent a value like for example 1,000 the one stands for a thousand on and on.

What side is the thousandths placed in a place value?

In this example, "1" is in the thousandths place: 0.001.

What is the difference between the place value and the value of a digit?

Place value is were the number is located. Example: 210 the 1 is in the tens spot. The value of the digit is how large the number is. Example: 50 is larger than 5 There you go.

What is the street value of Percocet 10?

The street value of Percocet 10 varies from place to place. For example, in states like Louisiana, the value would be as little as $10.00.

What is the value and position of a digit in a number for example the 9 is in the hundredths place and its value is 0.09?

Yes, that is correct.

What is a place value in math?

Units, tens, thousands ect. For Example, the place value of 4, in 15493 is 400

What has a greater value in the thousands place than 5834670?

5101, for example.

What is the equation of place value?

Count the positions from the right, starting at zero, for example: 543210. Call the result of the counting "n" (for example, for the sixth position from the right, n = 5). In this case, the place-value is 10n.

How does moving the place of a digit change its value?

Moving the place of a digit ups its value by a factor of ten. For example, in the number 123, the 2 has a value of 20 since it is in the tens place. However, if the number was 213, the two would have a value of two hundred, since it is now in the hundreds place.

What is difference between place value and actual value?

Place value is the category the number the digit is in. For example, take 123. The 1 is worth one hundred, the 2 is worth 20 and the 3 is worth 3. Actual value is the number itself in that position. So, as an example, "What digit is in the hundreds place of the number 123?" The answer would be 1.

What is the value of 0 in integers?

By itself, it has a value of nothing - which is NOT the same as it has no value. When in a string of digits it is a place holder. For example, 105 is not the same as 15 because the 0 in the first number tells you that the 1 is in the hundreds' place and not the tens' place as it is in the second number.

What is 4.888 rounded to the nearest tenth?

The tenth place is the number after the decimal. So it would be the first 8. If you need to round to the tenth place you must round the tenths place up or down (this rounding is determined by the value in the hundredths place). The hundredths place is the second number after the decimal, it would be the second 8 in the example given. If the value in the hundredths place is 5 or greater (5,6,7,8, or 9) the tenths place value would increase by one. If the hundredths place value is less than 5 (4,3,2, or 1) the tenths place value would remain the same. In the example 4.888, the hundredths place is greater than five, so the tenths place value increases by one... So when rounding 4.888 to the tenths place, the answer would be 4.9.

What is the place value and value?

place value is thousand place or like it

What does ten thousandths mean?

Ten thousandths is an decimal place value place here is an example 0.2563

What does decimsl place value mean?

It means that a digit that is further to the left has a greater value than one that is further to the right. For example, the 1 in "10" has a value of ten, while the 1 in "100" has a value of hundred. In general, the "place value" for each position is ten times as much as the position to its right. The actual value of each digit is the digit itself, times its place value.

What is an example of Babylonian advancement mathematics?

they determined that place value refers to the position of numerals

What is after ten hundreds in place VALUE?

100 thousands Example: 100000

What is the value of the zero in the decimal number 11.509?

Zero has a value of zero no matter where it's placed. In this example, it happens to be in the hundredths place.

What is place value?

Place Value is a key feature of our (Arabic) numeral system. Each digit has a basic value and its total value in a number is determined by its place value.For example:45678The bolded number 7 is in the tens place, and stands for 70.The italicized 8 is in the ones place and has its basic value.The crossed-out 6 is in the hundreds place and so means 600.Each place value is 10 times the value of the of the column to its right.