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Q: What is an example of positive GRAPH?
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How do you know when there is positive correlation on a graph?

when the points on the graph are close to each other;)

5 example of graph and corruption?

pie graph,line graph,bar graph

What is the correlation on a graph?

a correlation on a graph is when the line of best fit is positive, negative or none.

If a is positive but gets close to o what happens to the graph?

The answer depends on what the graph is meant to represent.

What is an example of a graph that is not a scatter plot?

Bar graph.

If a graph of distance versus time is a straight line the graph shows what relationship?

it is a positive relationship

What is a 4 quadrant graph used for?

to graph not only positive numbers, but negative ones as well

When the coefficient of x is positive the line what?

Has a positive gradient (in a y=mx+c graph)

What is the trend of a graph?

The trend of a graph is the slope of any line on the graph that indicated a positive or growth factor and/or a negative or decaying factor. If the slope goes negative, the graph's line will go down thus indicating decay. If the slope becomes positive, the graph's line will go up thus indicating growth.

How is a bar graph and a pictograph alike?

Bar graph and pictograp are ploted on a horizontal line and in a positive quadrate

The graph of a line goes up and to the right when?

For a straight line graph, if the equation of the graph is written is the slope-intercept form, then the line goes up and to the right when the coefficient of x is positive.

How would a graph of negative and positive acceleration differ?

This depends on what the graph represents. If it is a graph of velocity on the vertical and time on the horizontal, then if acceleration is at a constant rate, the graph will be a straight line with positive slope (pointing 'up'). If acceleration stops, then the graph will be a horizontal line (zero acceleration or deceleration). If it is deceleration (negative acceleration), then the graph will have negative slope (pointing down).