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Q: What is an example of positive sanctions?
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What are some positive sanctions in soccer?

There are no positive sanctions in soccer. Unless you aim to be booked or sent off the game. (:

What are positive sanction?

Sanctions are penalties that people are dealt if they disobey the law. Positive sanctions can refer to something positive that will happen, rather than a negative penalty.

What is the difference between a positive and a negative sanction?

Positive sanctions (or rewards) are pleasant things we can do to try to make people conform and behave in a routine, predictable, fashion. An example is buying a child an ice cream to make it stop crying. Negative sanctions (or punishments) are basically the not very nice things we can do to try to make people conform and behave, such as hitting someone or withholding food.

What is correct setting a positive example for them or setting a positive example to them?

for them

What is informal sanctions?

They are non formal sanctions.

What is an example of two positive integers always positive?

Addition is an example.

What were the three sanctions in the league of nations?

The League of Nations had three kinds of sanctions:Verbal sanctions amounted to a warning.Economic sanctions could include a boycott or embargo.Military sanctions could include war.

What is positive and positive equal?

positive + positive = positive example: 5+3=8 (All positives!)

Is the word positive an adjective?

Yes, positive is an adjective. Example: positive results.

When was Sanctions against Iraq created?

Sanctions against Iraq was created in 1990.

When did Sanctions against Iraq end?

Sanctions against Iraq ended in 2003.

What are some consequences of trading?

trade embargoing and trade sanctions and economic sanctions.