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Q: What is an example of straight rebuy?
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What are some of the steps that a buying center takes?

Recognize or anticipate and clearly define a need Determine and evaluate alternative solutions Straight rebuy Modified rebuy New task buy Select a course of action and develop product specification Select a vendor Identification of potential vendors

Can you change eye colors in fantage over and over after you buy them?

kind of but kind of not. i tried it and u have to rebuy the other eye that was your previous one. so i had the straight brown eyes and then i switched to those round brown eyes. i then noticed i couldn't just switch again, i had to rebuy. Hope this helped

Can you rebuy your foreclosure home?

If you have the cash.

Ibentify major types of buying situation?

There are three types of buying situations.· At one extreme is the Straight rebuy, which is a fairly routine decision.· At the other extreme is the new task, which may call for thorough research.· In the middle is the modified rebuy, which requires some research.New task: is a purchase decision that requires thorough research such as a new product.Straight rebuy: is a routine purchase decision such as a reorder without any modification.Modified rebuy: is a purchase decision that requires some research where the buyer wants to modify the product specification, price, terms, or suppliers.

Can you rebuy a item you sold in Pokemon platinum?

no that is nor possile

Can you get your vehicle possession after your vehicle was repossessed?

by paying the bill or rebuy it at an aucton

What is the vertical word?

for example a straight line.(is it straight up and down)

What would be an example of myth?

that you are straight.

What is the suprise vertical word?

for example a straight line.(is it straight up and down)

What is the homonym of strait?

straight For example, She drew a straight line with a pencil and a ruler.

What is a real life example of a straight angle?

it would be 180 A perfectly straight line would be an example - like the edge of a ruler. Or a plumb line.

What does straight vien leaves?

The veins in the leaf are straight, going from the base of the leaf straight to the tip, as opposed to branching. Grass is an example.