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Q: What is an exponential best fit model?
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What land use model does tonbridge fit best?

The Hoyt Model

The exponential model of population growth applies?

The exponential model of population growth describes the idea that population growth expands rapidly rather than in a linear fashion, such as human reproduction. Cellular reproduction fits the exponential model of population growth.

What is a population in which exponential growth is limited by a density dependent factor?

the answer must be exponential growth model.

How does logistic model of population growth differ from exponential model?

follow the society of light

What is the difference between a trend line and a line of best fit?

A trend line is graphed from a linear, exponential, logarithmic or other equation, and trys to fit the sorted data that you have. But it may or may not be correlated. The line of best fit is the trend line that best fits your data, having a high correlation. R closer to 1.

In a logistical model exponential is limited by?

A density dependent factor

How is the data represented on a scatter plot that depicts an exponential model?

In a scatter plot that is an exponential model, data can appear to be growing in incremental rates. In this type of model the data will only cross the Y-axis at one point.

In the exponential model of population growth the growth rate?

remains constant

What are three things exponential growth and exponential decay have in common?

both have steep slopes both have exponents in their equation both can model population

What is the validity of projections of an arithmetic graph of an exponential growth?

The validity of the projection depends on the validity of the model. If the model is valid over the domain in question then the projection is valid within that domain. If the model is not then the projection is not. And that applies to all kinds of graphs - not just exponential.

What is the exponential notation for the number of spaces on the lot can the owner fit 79 cars on the lot?


What are the best weapons in catalog heaven?

exponential rocket