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It is "evaluating".

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Q: What is an expression that substitutes numbers for the variables in the expressions?
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A combination of variables numbers and at least one operation?

That sounds like the description of an "expression", except for one detail: an expression MAY have operations, but also, it may not, since numbers and variables are themselves expressions.

What is the difference between algebraic and numerical expressions?

Algebraic expressions use letters as variables to represent numbers. Ex. 5c-(2+x) x=2 c=12 Numerical expressions use numbers only. Ex. 12+(2-7)

Does a variable expression consist of numbers variables and operations?

Yes. A variable expression is also known as an algebraic expression. An equation consists of variable expressions on each side of an equality.

What is an expression which combine numbers and expressions?

It is an expression.

Do All expressions contain variables?

No, not all expressions contain variables. An expression is a mathematical phrase that combines numbers, variables, and mathematical operations. A variable is a symbol that represents a quantity that can vary, such as x or y. Some expressions may only contain numbers and mathematical operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. For example, "3 + 5" is an expression that only contains numbers and the addition operation. However, an expression that contains at least one variable is known as an algebraic expression, and this type of expression is commonly used in algebra to represent mathematical relationships between variables. For example, "2x + 4" is an algebraic expression that contains the variable x and represents a linear equation in which y is equal to two times x plus four.

How do you evaluate variable expressions?

To evaluate a variable expression, replace all the variables with numbers and simplify the resulting numerical expression. 3m for m = 9 3(9)=27

What does numerical expressions mean?

A Numerical Expression is an expression only using numbers.

What is an expression which combines variables numbers and at least one expression?

It is a bigger expression.

What is a collection of numbers variables operations and grouping symbols called?

They are terms of an expression or an equation

Write one numerical expression and one algebraic expression then explain the difference between a numerical and algebraic expression is?

Numerical Expression: 1.) 20+2-8 ( Or any other number with two symbols on math ) Algebraic Expression: 2.) h x 2 ( Or any other number using only one symbol an a letter ) The difference between a numerical and algebraic expressions is that numerical expressions use only numbers, but algebraic expressions use letters as variables to represent numbers.

What mean php expression?

PHP is a programming language. An "expression" is anything that can be evaluated (calculated) to get (among other things) a number. For example, numbers themselves; variables that represent numbers; calculations that result in a number (additions, subtractions, etc.), are all numeric expressions.

What is a variable of variables numbers and symbols?

It is an expression.