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A horizontal ray in math is a line that runs horizontally that has one starting point and goes on forever in the opposite direction.

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Q: What is an horizontal ray in math?
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What does sideways mean in math terms?


What does horizontal mean in the math?

What it means is horizontal line is like the horizon it goes across

What is a ray in math terms?

A ray in math is a part of a line that has one end point

What is horizontal axis called for math?

the x axis

What is a horizontal bar graph in math terms?

Its simple jail

How do you figure out vertical and horizontal change in a math graph?

you measure it.

What is a horizontal symmetry in math?

a line that goes right across

What does ray and line mean in math?

a ray in maths is a arm of an angle.

Ray in math?

ray is a line segment that extends forever in one direction

What is horizontal and vertical amplifier in cathode ray oscilloscope?

The horizontal and vertical amplifier in the cathode-ray oscilloscope are deflection plates. The horizontal amplifier causes the beam to be deflected horizontally at a rate that is uniform. The vertical amplifier causes the beam to deflect vertically.

What does a ray look like in math?

A ray in math begins as a point (or dot, in laymans terms) with a straight arrow coming from it.

What is a horizontal in math?

Here's a horizontal ------- Here are some verticals .... arranged horizontally

What is a horizontal ray?

Ray which cross vertical line is called horizental ray.... as simply u can see the gray line is vertical of my text

Why the horizontal axis of a graph runs?

The horizontal axis runs left to right because it is horizontal. The vertical axis runs up and down. In math, 'y' is associated with the horizontal axis and 'x' is associated with the vertical axis.

Show you a picture of a ray in math terms?


How do you translate ray in math from English to Spanish?


A shell is fired from the ground with an initial velocity of 1600m s at an angle of 64 to the horizontal What is the shells horizontal range?

If a shell is fired from the ground with velocity of 1600 m and an angle of 64 to the horizontal then it would have a horizontal rang of 55.0. This is considered math.

What do you have to study in school to be an x ray tech?

math and science

What is abscissa in math?

The word abscissa can either refer the horizontal axis (the x-axis) in a cartesian coordinate system or the actual coordinate plotted on the horizontal axis.

What is the x-axis called on a chart?

Usually it is the horizontal ray... it can be called whatever it is representing.

In Math what is a nowat?

It is a figure that has a horizontal line drawn across it.

What is the synonym for y-axis?

A synonym for the y-axis is the vertical axis. In math, a graph has a vertical and a horizontal axis. Another name for the horizontal axis is the x -axis.

What does the word horizontal change mean?

Horizontal is this way ----------------------- It's the opposite of vertical which is up and down. Hope that helps! ^.^ Pay attention in math! XD Jk, jk.

What does apex mean in math?


Can a math ray have 3 letters?

Yes, if the three points are collinear.