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A colon separates an hour and a minute.

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Q: What is an hour and minute separator?
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Related questions

Minute is to hour as second is to?

minute. Minute is part of and hour. Second is part of a minute.

Which is the correct response Minute is to hour as second is to minute millisecond hour?


What is the fraction of a minute in an hour?

A minute is 1/60 of an hour

what is bigger a minute or an hour?

An hour is longer than a minute, by a factor of 60.

How many hour are in one minute?

A minute contains 1/60th of an hour.

What is the fraction of 1 hour is minute's?

One minute is 1/60 of an hour

What minute is the 89th minute?

There are 60 minutes in 1 hour. 89 minus 60 is 29. So 89 minutes in the next hour is the 29th minute. In total, 89 minutes is 1 hour and 29 minutes, or 1 minute less than an hour and a half.

What is the converting of 90 per hour to dollars per minute?

$90/hour =$1.5/minute. 90 cents/hour = 1.5 cents/minute = 1/40 dollars/hour.

How do you convert 42 drops of water per minute to per hour?

(42 drop/minute) x (60 minute/hour) = 2,520 drop/hour

Is a minute or hour more precise?

A minute

How many hour are there in a minute?

There are about 60 in a minute

With a 7 minute hourglass and a 11 minute hourglass what is the simplest way to time the boiling of boiling an egg for 15 minutes?

Flip both hour glasses at the same time. When the 7 minute one is finished, you should have four minutes left on the 11 minute hour glass and one finished 7 minute hour glass. You have now been boiling for seven minutes. Then, immediately flip the 7 minute hour glass over again, but leave the 11 minute hour glass the way that it was. It will continue to count down for the last 4 minutes. You now have been boiling for 11 minutes, have one finished 11 minute hour glass and 3 minutes remaining in the 7 minute hour glass. As soon as the 11 minute hour glass finishes, flip the 7 minute hour glass back over, even though it has not finished draining, because there is now 4 minutes on the other side of the 7 minute hour glass. Once that hour glass finishes draining, it will have been 15 minutes.

What is 105 kilometers per hour to kilometers per minute?

105km per hour is 1.75km per minute.

What fraction of an hour is a minute?

A minute is one sixtieth (1/60) of an hour.

Which hand on a clock is the hour hand?

The short one Yes, the hour hand is traditionally shorter than the minute hand. However, the hour hand is known as the BIG hand because an hour is bigger than a minute. That means the minute hand is known as the LITTLE hand since a minute is LITTLE when compared to an hour. This is the historical explanation of the labels for the two hands, based on function an expressed in form by the hour hand having a broader, albeit shorter, design than the minute hand which is longer but narrower. Hour = bigger than minute = the BIG hand Minute = smaller than hour = the LITTLE hand

How long does it take for the hour and minute hands to go from 12 to 12?

It takes the minute hand one hour to do this, and it takes the hour hand twelve hours to do it.

How do you convert dollars per hour to cents per minute?

Divide the dollar per hour by 60, that will give you how much they make per minute. If someone makes $10 an hour, they make about 17 cents a minute (actually .16666 repeating) If someone makes a lot more lets say $250 an hour they make about $4.17 a minute. So it doesn't always have to be cents per minute.

How do you go from microliters per minute to milliliters per hour?

microliters/minute divided by 1000 microliters/milliliter times 60 minutes/hour microliters/minute = 60/1000 milliliters/hour

Where is the sixtieth minute in one hour?

At the end - after the 59th minute.

500 Watts per minute to kilowatts per hour?

There is no such unit as a 'watt per minute' or a 'kilowatt per hour'.

How many hours in 1 minute?

There are 1 60th of an hour in 1 minute, as there are 60 minutes in 1 hour.

What is separator?

What is the function of separator

What did the hour hand say to the minute hand?

see you in an hour. Of course it takes more than an hour for the hour hand (the "BIG" hand) and the minute hand (the "LITTLE" hand) to line up but it does happen once each hour. Keep in mind, the hour hand is known as the BIG hand because an hour is bigger than a minute, which is indicated by the LITTLE hand.

Is a minute and 75 seconds a hour?

No. An hour is 3,600 seconds.

How much is 1 hour in minute?

there are 60 minutes in an hour