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Basically a perfect square is a number like 81 or 100. When these numbers are square rooted, they equal whole numbers like 9 or 10. An imperfect square is a number that when is square rooted equals and repeating decimal, like 29 when square rooted equals 5.385164807134504... (Note: Both even and odd number can be imperfect or perfect squares.)

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Is an imperfect square a rational number?

No. The square of 4√(2) is an imperfect square. But since it is = sqrt(2), it is not rational.

What is the square root of in an imperfect square called?

It is still called a square root.

How do you solve imperfect squares?

u cant get the excat answer but if you want 1) To find imperfect squares you estimate the square to the nearest integer 85 2) This is an imperfect square because no whole number multiplies itself to equal 85 you find the closest square but less than the imperfect squares answer 9*9=81 4) Now you find a square that is closest higher than the imperfect squares answer 10*10=100 5) So 85 lays between 9 and 10

Is the square root of 7 rational or irrational?

It is a irrational number. Because the square root of every imperfect square is irrational number.

What is Imperfect square root?

An imperfect Square root is an number that doesn't have a two numbers that will equal to it's amount. For Ex. 2x2=4, there is something that equals 4, but what times what is thirteen, Nothing! Right! it only goes into itself once, that is an example of an imperfect square root, you have to find two numbers that will get you the closest to thirteen. Ask another question, for a better understanding. I hope this helps!

Are all imperfect square roots repeating decimals?

Yes. Because they have to be a rational number

What type of number will the square root of an imperfect square be?

It will be an irrational number. This means it cannot be written as a/b where a and b are integers. If it could, it would be a perfect square.

How do you use imperfect in a sentence?

imperfect knowledge "The drainage at the city center is imperfect" is an example of the use of imperfect in a sentence.

Which is not one of the three ways to represent the imperfect square root of 45?

Drawing a picture of a banana is NOT a way.

What is the suffix for the word imperfect?

prefix for imperfect

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The imperfect solution was the most timely.

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What real number is also irrational?

All real numbers are irrational. For example, Pi is an irrational number that is a real number. Other irrational numbers can be the square root of an imperfect square.

What is imperfect flower?

an imperfect flower is a flower without both the stamen the pistil. an imperfect flower may have one or the other, but not both.

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