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The number 12 is divisible by 1,2,3,4,6, and 12

It's a composite number , the smallest number with exactly 6 divisors.

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What are 3 mathematical things about 12?

It is a two-digit, composite natural number.

What are 4 mathematical things about the number 12?

it is called a dozen 4x3=12, 1+11=12, 6x2=12, 7+5=12

What is3 8 of 32?

The answer to the mathematical question, what is 3/8 of the number 32 is 12.

What is some neat stuff about the number or age 12?

Wikipedia has some interesting facts about the number 12. Just type "12" into your search engine.

12 interesting fact on Bill Cosby?

bill cosby's real name is william henery cosby jr

What is the answer to 12?

It is 12. What mathematical operation is required?

What divided by four equals three?

The mathematical answer to the question what number divided be four equals three is 12.

What makes 12 a abundant number?

The fact that the sum of its proper divisors is greater than 12.

What is a mathematical shape with 12 faces?

dodecagon- 12 sides

Could you Show all shapes that have a 12 centimeter perimeter?

No, because there are an infinite number of such shapes. In fact, there are an infinite number of triangles with a perimeter of 12 cm.

Is the square root of 12 a rational number?

The square root of 12 is not a rational number. In fact, it is a radical number. It's simplified form would be 2 multiplied by the square root of 3.

Are there any special mathematical facts about 12?


What are the 12 mathematical special products?


Is 12 greater or lesser or equal to -18?


What are some interesting facts about the number 50?

50 is the smallest number which is the sum of two squares in two different ways. (50 = 52+52 = 12+72)

Why did Jesus intend the apostles to be twelve in number?

This is not proven or given any significant fact. The reason is not mainly known, but the number 12 in the Bible correspond to the 12 Tribes of the Israel in the Old Testament.

How can you test t determine whether a number is a factor of a number?

it's simple, you divide the potential factor by the original number.For example, if I wanted to find out if 12 was a factor of 36;36/12= 3Because this number is an integer and not a decimal we know that in fact, 12 is a factor of 36.I hope that helped :)

What so 12 to 13 year old guys look for in girls?

I'm assuming this means that you're 12 or 13. They want to be interested. They're not looking for "love" at that age. It's a simple fact. So be interesting, not flirty.

What is a good example of a mathematical LCM?

The LCM of 8 and 12 is 24.

What are the release dates for Nova - 1974 The Mathematical Mystery Tour 12-20?

Nova - 1974 The Mathematical Mystery Tour 12-20 was released on: USA: 5 March 1985

What is the mathematical equation of twice a number increased by three times another is twelve?

There are two possible (and different) answers: 2x + 3y = 12 or 2*(x + 3y)= 12 The first one is (twice a number) increased by (three times another) The second is twice (a number increased by (three times another)).

Can 72 be a square root of 144?

No. 144 has exatly two square roots. +12 and -12 are them.No other number can be one.72 can be half of 144, and in fact, it is.

How do you find what part of 9 is 12 in mathematical terms?

9 ÷ 12 = 3 ÷ 4 = 3/4 = 75%

What is the prime factorization in exponential form for the number 12?

Start with the fact that 12 is 4x3. Now note that 4 is 22 .This means 12 =22 x3.This is the exponential form of the prime factorization.

What is fact family of 12 N 60?

The fact family of of the equation 12/N = 60 is: 12 = 60 N N = 0.2

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