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Q: What is an interval in a line graph?
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What does interval on a line graph?

wha is the interval on a line graph, scale from 0-25?..

What is a interval line graph?


How do you find the interval on the line graph?

U find the word interval

Why does increasing the size of the interval used in the vertical scale of a line graph make the line seem flatter?

increasing the interval would decreasing the degrees of accuracy of the graph, optically the line seem flatter

Vertical scale and interval affect the look of a bar graph or a line graph?

by making the graph have an important missing part...(hope it helps!)

What interval did you choose for your graph?

i personally chose 0 an my interval

Can you have a vertical line on a displacement vs time graph?

Yes―sort of. If displacement increases or decreases suddenly in an infinitely small point in time or a time interval that is too small to graph, a vertical line is used.

What is the scale and interval on a graph?


What is a interval on a graph?

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What the graph of interval 4 10 looks like?

A line segment, starting at 4 units from the origin and finishing at 10 units.

What is an interval of a bar graph?

i love eeeeeks

What is a function that forms a line graphed?

Any function of the form f(x) = ax + b, or any relation of the form Ax + By = C.This is the function that forms a line graphed. The slope of line can be taken out as C/A. * * * * * The above answer assumes that a line MUST be a straight line! Since the graph is a line, the domain must be an interval in the Real numbers. The interval may be finite, or infinite in one or both directions. In order that the graph does not have breaks in it the function must be continuous. Any such function will do.