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The inverse of the cosine is the secant.

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Q: What is an inverse cosine?
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The inverse of the cosine function?

The inverse of the cosine is the secant.

Is the inverse cosine of 0.55?

The inverse if cosine 0.55 is 0.55

What is cosine inverse of pi?


What does csc stand for on a calulator?

Cosecant, or the inverse of the cosine.

What is an arccosh?

An arccosh is the inverse hyperbolic cosine function.

What is the inverse of the cosine function?

The inverse of the cosine function is arcosine. The domain is −1 ≤ x ≤ 1 since the range of the cosine function is from -1 to 1. The range is from 0 to pi radians or 0 to 180 degrees.

What is reciprocal in trigonometry?

The inverse of sine (sin) is cosecant (csc). The inverse of cosine (cos) is secant (sec). The inverse of tangent (tan) is cotangent (cot).

How do you find the angle of a cosine?

You mean, you have the cosine, and want the angle? That is called arc-cosine, often written as cos-1x. Your scientific calculator should have a "shift" key or something similar, which you press, followed by the cosine key. That will give you the inverse cosine or arc-cosine.

What are inverse sine inverse cosine and inverse tangent used for?

to find the measure of an angle. EX: if sin A = 0.1234, then inv sin (0.1234) will give you the measure of angle A

How do you work out the angles in a triangle with only 3 sides and no angles?

use the inverse sine or cosine or tangent

Is the inverse function of secant is the cosecant function?

No. The inverse of the secant is called the arc-secant. The relation between the secant and the cosecant is similar to the relation between the sine and the cosine - they are somehow related, but they are not inverse functions. The secant is the reciprocal of the cosine (sec x = 1 / cos x). The cosecant is the reciprocal of the sine (cos x = 1 / sin x).

What is code for inverse of cosine in c language?

Include the header file math.h and use the function acos(d)

What is the inverse sine function?

The inverse sine is the cosecant, otherwise known as "hypotenuse over opposite" or arcsine. The cosecant is often confused as being the inverse of the cosine, which, in reality, is the secant, otherwise known as "hypotenuse over adjacent" or arccosine.

What is cosine cubed?

It is cosine*cosine*cosine.

Where is arcosine on a TI-84 calculator?

It is labeled as "cos-1" on the calculator. But arcosine and inverse cosine are just two names for the same thing.

What is the cosines inverse of 2?

The range of cosine is [-1, 1] which is, therefore, the domain of cos-1. As a result, cos-1(2) is not defined.

What is the domain and range of nine inverse cosine three x?

Domain = [0, pi/3) radians or [0, 60) degrees.Range = [-9, 9]

What angles have the same inverse cosine?

Given an angle A, the angle (2pi - A) has the same cosine. So do the angles that differ from these by 2k*pi radians for all integers k. If you are still working in degrees, you should substitute 180 degrees for pi radians.

How do you find an angle using sine cosine tangent?

If you know the angle's sine, cosine, or tangent, enter it into the calculator and press <inverse> sine, cosine, or tangent. On MS Calc, in Scientific Mode, using Degrees, enter 0.5, then check Inv and the press sin. You should get 30 degrees. The other functions work similarly.

Concepts of inverse trignometric?

I think you mean the concept of inverse trig functions.Let's just look at one, the inverse cosine function.cos-1 (x) also called arccos(x) is the inverse of cos(x).cos-1 (x) x=cos (theta)So to evaluate an inverse trig function we are ask what angle, theta, did we plug into the trig function (regular, not inverse function) to get x.So here is one more example.tan-1 (x) means x=cos (theta)

What is the cosine of 3.14?

what is the cosine of 3.14 ?

What is cosine of 1?

Cosine of 1 degree is about 0.999848. Cosine of 1 radian is about 0.540302.

Reciprocal of a cosine?

Reciprocal of Cosine is Secant

What is cosine 0?

Cosine 0 is 1

What is the cosine of 6 degrees?

Cosine is 0.995