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a triangle that looks like this

,,,,,,,,/\ ,,,,,,,

3cm /--\ 3cm

,,,,,,/----\ ,,,,,


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Q: What is an isosoles triangle?
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What is a triangle that has 2 congruent sides?

either an isosoles or a equilateral triangle

What does isosoles mean?

a triangle with two sides that are the same length

What are some math words that start with the letter I?

* integer * isosoles triangle

What has two equal sides and two equal angles?

Isosoles triangle

What are the 3 classifications of triangle like equilateral?

Unilateral & Isosoles

What are the different kinds of angles and triangle according to size and its angles?

Angles: acute angle, obtuse angle, right angle Triangles: isosoles triangle, scalene triangle, equadrital triangle, right triangle, acute triangle, obtuse triangle

Where did the term isosoles triangle come from?

The term is derived from Greek word 'isoskelḗs' which means 'with equal legs'.

What are some shapes that begin with the letter l?

isosoles triangleAn Isosceles trianglelozenge

How many degrees does a isosoles have?

An isosceles triangle has interior angles of 180 degrees and exterior angles of 360 degrees

What is the angle formed by the legs of an isosoles triangle?

No angle is defined, only that two sides are the same length. Also, the two base angles are congruent.

Is a isosoles trapezoid a kite?


How many pairs of parallel lines does a isosoles triangle?

An isosceles triangle has no parallel sides but it does have 2 sides of equal lengths

What does a triangle with a 2 inch side between two 50 degree angles look like?

This type of triangle would be an isosoles triangle . Would have A 2 sides that had the 2 inches then you would add in the 50 degree angles so you add all of them whichyou would have 2x2=4 then you would add 50+50=100 so then you would add the sum of tboth of them naswers so you get the sum of 100+4=104 so 104 would have to be timesd by 2 so 104x2=208 so then a triangles measure is only 180 so this type of shape has to be a square or a paellellegram because this also could be a rhombus so any rhombus is 360 but 208 is closer to 180 so this would be a triangle.........

An acute triangle is a triangle that has?

an acute triangle is a triangle that has?

Can a obtuse triangle be a triangle?

any triangle is a triangle

How is a triangle the same as a equilateral triangle?

A triangle is the same as a equilateral triangle because a equilateral triangle is a triangle but it is congruent on all sides

If a triangle is obtuse where is the orthocenter of the triangle found?

If a triangle is obtuse, the orthocenter of the triangle actually lies outside of the triangle. If the triangle is acute, the orthocenter of the triangle lies on the inside of the triangle

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Different kind of triangles?

there is equilateral triangle, right triangle, isosceles triangle, obtuse triangle, acute triangle, scalene triangle and oblique triangle

Is a triangle an equilateral triangle or a obtuse triangle or scalene triangle or a right triangle?

A triangle can be constructed into any of the given formats.

What are the six kinds of triangle?

acute angled triangle,right angled triangle,obtuse angled triangle,isosceles triangle,equilateral triangle, scalene triangle

What is the six kinds of triangle?

A scalene triangle, an equilateral triangle, an isosceles triangle and a right-angle triangle, acute-angled triangle, obtuse-angled triangle

Can a scalene triangle be a triangle?

Yes, a scalene triangle can be a triangle.

What is a nested triangle?

a triangle in a triangle

What triangle is a triangle with three?

A triangle.

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