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Q: What is an items retail price minus markup?
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What is the retail price for, original price: $64; Markup: 15%?

First we have to find the markup amount, which is the original price times the markup percentage: $64 * 15% This is the same as: $64 * 0.15 = $9.60 Now we add the markup amount to the original price to get the retail price: $64 + $9.60 = $73.60 The retail price is $73.60

How do you calculate cost price when the selling price and markup is given?

you minus it

What is selling price minus cost?


How to calculate Mark up opportunity cost?

For Retail Price question....If Retail price is 12,995. Markup % is 12. what was the wholesale price?

What is the retail price when wholesale price is 200 and percent markup is 100?

The retail price will be 400 dollars. This is a high markup percent. You can get so many deals by participating in auctions or going through wholesale places.

What is the retail price of an item that costs 800.00 and has a 45 percent markup?

45% of 800 is 360 so retail price would be 1160.

What is retail price markup on lawn and garden equipment?

The retail price markup is usually 100 percent. Lawn and garden equipment sells at high prices at the beginning of the season and is usually lowered as the season goes along.

If the company markup is based on cost at 90 and the markup is 33 percent what is the selling price assuming that the sell price is rounded up to the next highest dollar minus one cent?

It is 119.99

Name and explain three reasons why wholesalers and retailers compute their markup on the retail price rather than on the cost price?


Does net price refer to manufactures suggested retail price or wholesale price?

Net price is wholesale pricing. This usually indicates that the manufacturer does not have a set retail price for its product, and whatever you retail the product for is up to you. So check with your competitors as to what is the average markup on that product for your industry.

What is Markup Income?

Markup income typically refers to the profit or revenue generated by adding a markup or margin to the cost of goods or services. In business and finance, "markup" is the amount added to the cost of producing or purchasing a product or service to determine its selling price. The markup is essentially the difference between the cost of production and the final selling price. The formula for calculating markup is: Markup = Selling Price − Cost Price Markup=Selling Price−Cost Price Markup is often expressed as a percentage of the cost price. The formula for calculating the markup percentage is: Markup Percentage = ( Markup Cost Price ) × 100 Markup Percentage=( Cost Price Markup ​ )×100 So, markup income is the additional revenue or profit earned by a business through the application of a markup to its costs. This concept is commonly used in various industries to determine pricing strategies and to ensure that businesses cover their costs and generate a profit. you can get more explanation when you click this link and learn everything about markup income

How do you use the word price in a sentence?

The suggested retail price for an automobile is usually much more than buyers will finally pay. Discount stores price items based on a lower markup from their wholesale cost.